Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Confessions" at Eiga Sai 2013

No spoilers here.

Just kidding.

I loved this movie. But I told myself I would not watch this. But the guys from behind me had seen it on their laptops and said to each other "I can't wait to see it in the big screen. (in the vernacular) It would never stop surprising you." I didn't know if they were trying to entice me or piss me off with the spoilers.

I love this film. I kept saying that during the entire movie. I have this sinister snicker that I do when I love a movie to the bones. I know this movie is something I want to show my revenge-loving friends.

This is my revenge. A living hell.

*stops self from saying more*

I just love it.

Funny serendipitous moment at the Eiga Sai, Mica, who was the tomodachi of my kohai TJ in UPLB who got me into this whole Eiga Sai bit was there. I knew an authentic otaku when I saw one.

You won't see him here because I didn't have my camera. But he was wearing a yellow shirt and from the way he walked I knew it was him. ^.^ I wish that the girl next to me would move and I would have gotten that seat for him. But then he would have hated me since I talk during movies.
The kid to my left actually left in the middle of the movie. I dunno if I pissed him off because I was noisy or if he got scared of the movie or if it was near his dorm curfew, I didn't care. I realized, I really hate sitting all the way in the back because I could see everyone's heads and it distracts me during the movie. And those bakeru freaks who have their phone on during the movie make it on my list of people to kill if I ever become a dictator.

I swear to all that is good and holy, those ugh people are just so...beyond reformation. I wish I bought popcorn though I hate eating in the cinema unless it's tutti frutti flavored. My softball training would have come in freaking handy I swear.

Going back to the movie, I didn't realize it would be so enjoyable. One, because I hate movies that can give me nightmares. And I hate blood. But this is a Japanese film festival. There was bound to be something bloody and psych-thriller. If the lights were on, you would've seen me wince so many times during that movie, then smile my sinister "I want to do that too" smile and my all-knowing smug look of awe that said "I knew it!" Still I love movies that although my writer brain can predict can still surprise me in small pockets of "all you can say is shit" moments.

IF you are not a wuss, watch this movie.

I dare you to not think of all the people who you want revenge on. I bet you won't be able to.

PICS of my day. Sorry they suck I didn't get to bring a camera since I flew from work to get there. <3


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