Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Confessions" at Eiga Sai 2013

No spoilers here.

Just kidding.

I loved this movie. But I told myself I would not watch this. But the guys from behind me had seen it on their laptops and said to each other "I can't wait to see it in the big screen. (in the vernacular) It would never stop surprising you." I didn't know if they were trying to entice me or piss me off with the spoilers.

I love this film. I kept saying that during the entire movie. I have this sinister snicker that I do when I love a movie to the bones. I know this movie is something I want to show my revenge-loving friends.

This is my revenge. A living hell.

*stops self from saying more*

I just love it.

Funny serendipitous moment at the Eiga Sai, Mica, who was the tomodachi of my kohai TJ in UPLB who got me into this whole Eiga Sai bit was there. I knew an authentic otaku when I saw one.

You won't see him here because I didn't have my camera. But he was wearing a yellow shirt and from the way he walked I knew it was him. ^.^ I wish that the girl next to me would move and I would have gotten that seat for him. But then he would have hated me since I talk during movies.
The kid to my left actually left in the middle of the movie. I dunno if I pissed him off because I was noisy or if he got scared of the movie or if it was near his dorm curfew, I didn't care. I realized, I really hate sitting all the way in the back because I could see everyone's heads and it distracts me during the movie. And those bakeru freaks who have their phone on during the movie make it on my list of people to kill if I ever become a dictator.

I swear to all that is good and holy, those ugh people are just so...beyond reformation. I wish I bought popcorn though I hate eating in the cinema unless it's tutti frutti flavored. My softball training would have come in freaking handy I swear.

Going back to the movie, I didn't realize it would be so enjoyable. One, because I hate movies that can give me nightmares. And I hate blood. But this is a Japanese film festival. There was bound to be something bloody and psych-thriller. If the lights were on, you would've seen me wince so many times during that movie, then smile my sinister "I want to do that too" smile and my all-knowing smug look of awe that said "I knew it!" Still I love movies that although my writer brain can predict can still surprise me in small pockets of "all you can say is shit" moments.

IF you are not a wuss, watch this movie.

I dare you to not think of all the people who you want revenge on. I bet you won't be able to.

PICS of my day. Sorry they suck I didn't get to bring a camera since I flew from work to get there. <3


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DARE TO TELL Cherry Bottom your Secrets!

Can you keep a secret?

Me. I can't. T_T

I only have one slot for a single secret at any given time. Every thing else is a BLURT waiting to happen. 

That is my secret. But then again it's more like a disclaimer and part of the manual in how to be my friend. Oh the blurt moments are endless. 
TO MY FRIENDS, thanks for not demoting me to a stranger status. I love you all.

I found this fanpage that reminded me of that blog from before that had those graphics and the secrets of people. I dunno what happened to the blog but I hope I can find it again. In the spirit of things, here is one that I loved from Cherry Bottom's fanpage. *when I went to the IG account I realized it's ONE AND THE SAME. Daretotell is LOVE

This reminded me of my call center days. 

This made me miss my dad. He's alive and in Batangas. So I am luckier than this girl. 

I am currently flooding my wall on facebook with this. <3

So check out that page here


Monday, July 1, 2013

Banzai, Eiga Sai 2013~!

It's about that time again. I first found out about film fests at the Edsa-Shang because of other otakus and filmbuffs I met through common friends from UPLB. I have missed the two festivals (Asian and French) because of personal life events and so I want to at least watch at least ONE movie from the original festival that made me love film festivals. It remains FREE. Unlike the French Film festival this year that I heard was in Greenbelt (not sure, I didn't go) and I am sure that SWARMS of otakus and Jap1 & Jap2 or Nihonggo studying kiddos would be flocking the venue. *God help my butt and the hours of sitting I would have to endure.

CLICK HERE FOR THE INFO ON Special thank to Eka, my orgmate from UP Film Circle for posting it in our group.

click the pic to go to the Japan site

I think I would like the lighter less creepy movies. Sometimes there are those super dark Japanese movies that can give you nightmares. I do not want to have to carry nightmares as well as have panda eyes so I would be watching during the weekends.


CHECK OUT THE RAPPLER post with Trailers




If your girl likes Kenshin or anime or those cutie Japanese live action, BRING HER TO THIS FESTIVAL!

You: Michi-san, you like Japanese films right?
Michi : Hai, I do. Why?
You: My friend blogged about this Eiga Sai thing. I think it's a Japanese film festival. Do you want to check it out?
Michi: Sure! I'd love to.
You: Uhm...but my friend told me the lines are long during the weekend. So we need to go there like 3 hours before. She even told me to bring a collapsible chair.
Michi: Three hours? For a movie?
You: Yeah, a lot of people watch during the weekend, students, otakus like us, groups of college friends and old married couples who are on a movie date.
Michi: Awww...but it so long, three hours!
You: Well it would feel shorter if we are together. We can talk...we can eat and if you ever need to go to the bathroom you won't loose your place. I will wait for you and save you a spot. *like the one you have in my heart*
Michi: But I want to watch a love story.
You: We can watch it all if you want.
Michi: How much is it?
You: It's for free.
Michi: Let's watch it all.
You : *Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Date : Check
Savings :180 x 2 => use this to buy her food.

If you want to, BRING A mini-PICNIC BASKET. The hell with it being corny and there are a lot of people who would see. You being prepare with food and a chair and you two waiting it out with other people would make for a good memory. <3 If you are a student and you don't have the moolah to pay for a movie date, film festivals like this are a great place to bring your CRUSHMATE and show her a great time and that you are CULTURED. That Naruto or ONE PIECE is not the only things you like about the Japanese culture.

2. Food from other store that are not in the Cineplex area are not allowed inside. SO DO NOT BRING any or you won't be able to eat it inside. 

Honestly I buy those empanadas at the MRT ayala and tuck them at the bottom of my bag. I used to fill up the Lock & Lock tumbler I had with RED ICED TEA and I cover it with a shirt or something. So when I am waiting, I eat then when I am inside and I get thirsty I still have something to drink. I don't eat popcorn that much so I have a tipid me date whenever I do go there. to watch.

3. Fall in line properly or F-off. 

Line up properly because the number of people are counted. You don't get counted, you can't get in. It's first come first served not first save by one person for a group of ten. 0.o Hmkay? *facepalm when she remembers teenagers who do this.

Believe me, there are professors and some regulars who would tell you off if you do try to one-up the people who endured the hours of standing in line. Some are veteran line-waiters from my university of pila. So beware, singiteros. You would be better off doing the harakiri than enduring our wrath.

4. Bring some kind of game or gadget. OR A BOOK. 

If you are in a group this lets the time pass by faster. I often see people playing the cards version of Monopoly or other such card games while waiting for the tickets to be distributed.

Personally I bring a book so I can read in piece. I usually finish a thick romance before I can get it or two thin ones (yes, I read fast. Iamgeek. So whatchurpoint?)

5. Bring something to sit on. 

Believe me it would help. If you have a cushion on your butt like I do *ehehehe* it still helps to guard your junk from the cold and the dirt in case your legs are too tired and you want to sit down. Honestly I would suggest you bring one of these. Or some cheaper version of it. Your ass and your legs will thank you. A throw pillow might come in handy too. Or a towel. Or a piece of paper from your college notebook.

6. Bring a friend.

It would help A LOT. Especially if you need to pee. <3 Because you would loose your place and miss the movie and have to fall in line again and the loops never ends if you do drink too much while you are waiting in line. And lining up early to get in early then waiting till you are inside to pee defeats the whole purpose of lining up early. So pee before you go into the line. And tuck your water bottle away till it's time to eat in the cinema.

7. Keep a friendly aura. 

People who come to these festivals sometimes tend to remember each other's faces. I am a friendly person but super forgetful with names but I try to be courteous to the people I meet because it's likely I would see them again. I don't break most of the "can get you banned" rules at this cinema because I do want to go back next time. So keep that in mind when you do attend the film festivals here.

Remember, it's to promote friendship and diplomatic ties between the Philippines and Japan so let's try to get into the spirit of the event, hmkay?


Not the invitational of course. *feeling VIP lang* But the one open for the public because they usually give out the copies of the synopsis in a magazine like brochure.

But if you are into paperless this is the schedule for this Eiga Sai 2013 

and the flyer

9. Beware scammers and old ladies who never shut up.

If you are going alone. Make sure to have something for the #4 that I mentioned earlier. Because if you look bored someone may end up talking to you and it would waaaaaaaay awkward because you can't get away from them since your legs have fallen asleep from standing in line for hours. <3

And there is always the danger or people trying to scam you in the line or the whole budol-budol though I have never experienced that at the Shang. There are those manong in blue who direct security and the line who get stressed out during this time.

Don't talk to strangers unless the stranger person is you. ^.^

10. NO cameras in the cinema. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.

Seriously. It's against the law and you could get kicked out or banned. And since phones are often equipped better than other cheap cameras, there is that temptation to take a picture while inside. It's cool to take barkada shots while you wait or while the lights are still on. But please, turn off your phone and don't take it out till the movie is done. If you realized the movie is not your type, spare us your super bright phone light and get the f out of the cinema before you text or tweet how lame the movie you are watching is.

We can tolerate snoring but your "attached to your hand" gadget you use to broadcast every thought in your head we can't. So BakeruPLEASE! *tone is same as oh,b*tchpls*

ENJOY! See you there?




Shameless plug.

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