Tuesday, February 18, 2014

All Or Nothing for 2ne1

For a Blackjack that felt like it's been AeONs since the last time we heard something new from our empresses, the past few weeks have been an overwhelming time. Unsure of whether or not I can afford to go to this anniversary concert in the Philippines, I just hope that things would work out and I would be there, to chant, to sing and to dance. I was not there during the first party because I was not able to afford it and I didn't know any YGstans, Blackjacks and VIPs during that time. But this time around, I would definitely burn more for 2ne1 than I did for Big Bang. I wish to come back to the times before Big Bang went here and save like there is no tomorrow. But it would be true this time that my love for Sandara Park (I started as a hidden Krungkrung fan) will shine brighter than my lust for Seunghyun Choi.

In 2013 and early 2014, I dipped into the craziness that mixed my second life into my first life. So I decided to move all kpop friends into a different account. So I can spazz in peace and then revert back to my nonkpop self (still an otaku and my quotable quotes self) to check up on my blogger friends, offline friends, old classmates and clear up the one's who I do not speak to at all, not even on Facebook.

I wish that things could get compartmentalized as easily. And that there are not a lot of things that would be lost when the dust settles.

For now, I urge Daralings and 2ne1 fans to help us vote. ^..^ *click on pictures to get to the voting page*

Go on a YT MV watchathon

And remember #ComeBackHomeBlackjacks

How to 2ne1fangirl right 

1. Go on a Good Vibes MV watching marathon on YT.
2. Write fanfic moments about OTPs. (if not a writer : Read fanfic moments about my OTPs) 
3. Use bashers as villains in fanfics. (if not a writer : Replace bashers as villains in fanfics) 
4. Rant on my private group so as not to instigate anymore shit with shitheads. 
5. Post multifandom things on my wall that are positive. 
6. Yoga breathing when I read grammar errors. (Correct own typos in one's own posts except for rant posts.)
7. If time permits, make positive memes that are not sarcastic. 
8. Talk to ELFs and Cassies so as to reassure oneself that there are truly mature fans of kpop out there. Spazz over SUJU and DBSK accordingly. ‪#‎oldschoolfeels‬
9. If time permits, check out news about my own country as to remind myself I am not Korean and I have my own country and its music industry to support. 
10. BACKread on so-called fanwar threads and munch on my KPOPcorn judging everyone and their arguments accordingly. 
11. Post one or two long posts with my own opinion and then move on to more positive spazzing. 
12. Remind my dongsaengs that our empresses won't like interfandom and innerfandom hate. 
13. Watch funny videos of my ladies. ‪#‎paGV‬
14. Chat with friends on this side of the fandom and the other side to see how REAL life is like for them. Because being fangirls together is one thing. But what we take from this spazzing are some unusual friends we would have never met had it not been for 4 fab ladies and a Troll CEO. 
15. Remind myself that I still don't have money for my AON ticket. 
16. Pray that I can find money for all the merchs I want. 
17. Pray that someday I meet a fanboy of 2ne1 and we can fall in spazzlove together and we can go to concerts, save money by doing tipid dates whilst thinking that our major date should be a 2ne1 concert or our honeymoon would be going to Korea and going all kpopcouple crazy over there so much that Koreans would squirm when they see us. 
18. Help dongsaengs with homework (basta wag math nyeta).‪#‎becauseBJsSTUDYevenwhenwespazz‬
19. Converting nonkpop friends to the 2ne1fandom fold.
20. Praying that kids would grow up and earn their own money so they can realize that merchs are not bought by their own steam but by their parents own money. So they should remember to show that their parents raised them well by being good people, offline and online. 
21. ‪#‎Comebackhomeblackjacks‬ campaign

Please share, repost and tell our dongsaengs and friends that we care for them. Spread the blackjacklove. 
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