Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“Love Does Not Hurt” Bloggers Night

I got a message from a friend about a Bloggers Night event that I wanted to share with my blogger friends since the last time I checked almost all of them are mommies now (and/or daddies). And I think they would get a real kick attending something like this. I have ooohhhhed and ahhhhed at baby pictures and infanticipated with most of them so I am sure they would get a kick from learning more about parenting.

As for me? I don't have a kid yet but I grew up believing that Love Does Not Hurt either. Bless my grandfather for making corporal punishment illegal in my family. ^..^

But in a time when the internet and technology can expose children to a lot of things too soon, how do you raise your children without spoiling them and leaving the rod behind?

*Darn it, now I am curious*

So if you are too, please contact them and get more details that YOU would need. (I have met my mom and when she wants to do something she squeezes all the info she can get from the organizer before she commits to something)

I dunno if it's a BYOB (bring your own baby) kind of event, you'd have to ask Rash about that.


24 February 2014
Greetings from PETA Arts Zone and Dakila!
Let children grow in love and teach them to be better persons! Advocate Rights to Safety Zone (PETA Arts Zone) Project, a cultural campaign that promotes positive discipline in place of corporal punishment, in partnership with Dakila - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, invites you to “Love Does Not Hurt” Bloggers Night on February 26, 2014, 6PM at the PETA Theater (#5 Eymard Drive, Brgy. Kristong Hari, New Manila).
Gather up with your other parent-bloggers for an informal dinner-sharing on your true potentials in influencing fellow parents to support positive discipline in children. Get parenting tips, and listen to stories of parenthood from positive discipline advocates, and learn from experts on how positive discipline affects a child’s growth. You could also catch the video launch of PETA ARTS Zone’s stage performance entitled, “Rated PG.”
For more information and for confirmation, please contact Ms. Rash Caritativo at (+63) 917 860 8055 /(+63) 915 178 0240 / (02) 435 4309 or email at mabuhay@dakila.org.ph.


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