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2NE1 known as force that does it's best to reinvent itself calls to their fans to start a revolution against the accepted Virtual Paradise in their latest music video.

A lot awaited comeback has burst forth with a new stage for 2ne1 who just finished the second day of their All or Nothing WORLD tour.

Blackjacks, as their fans are called, have been trolled by YGE CEO, Yang Hyun Suk so many times that fans are not sure when the MVs for COME BACK HOME, as well as the promised three other MVs (another 1 for Come Back Home, 1 for Gotta Be You and 1 for Happy) would come out.

But after a few days of delay, and perhaps some media play on the part of the CEOs, the comeback was pulled off, two concert dates are behind them, a crazy after party was staged and they have managed to deliver two MVs for their fans to feast on.

Dates for the next concert stops have been set and fans all around the world are either anticipating purchasing their tickets or hoping their blackjack counterparts would be nice enough to post as many fancams as they can risk to post.

CRUSH has hit roofs of major charts and their songs competed with each other to take #1. They have managed to get into not only the POP charts but the MAIN charts internationally making them in the league of digital queens Sistar, who was the only other Korean female group that was able to do that thus far.

The details of the album success is everywhere and that is not what I am really going to blog about.

Since I can't do a reaction video (I do not want to subject you guys to my mug) I would make a reaction blog.


The MATRIX is one of those very few movies that made me come out of the house and want to look around for deja vu. So seeing that the concept of virtual reality being placed in this MV brought back memories of this beloved movie. Then there is that movie Surrogates where everyone lived in their homes and they lived in their "perfect" version in the real world. The sci-fi concept was spot on.

Fierce as they are, 2ne1 presented themselves as a group of rebels against what has become a norm in a world full of fake realities.

Dara's beloved is trapped in a virtual life where he is happy with her and there is no misery and she frees him from it even if it cost him his life.

Minzy and Bom prepare the bomb that would destroy the institution that made the so called paradise. CL is their fearless leader of course. What else would she be?

I can understand why the graphics took a while to make. This MV took a while to make, graphics-wise. At the very least it didn't look like it was rushed at all. The fact is, if a person like me who edits videos with normal programs can IDENTIFY what kind of edits were done on your idol's MV. Then it means it was done haphazardly. Because the whole point is to be able to distract us from that.

The song itself is a strong one and the music video  just proved that 2ne1 is back and ready to break all the parameters set up for a female group. This is a music video that even nonKPOP fans would understand and LIKE.

I have mentioned before that I am a fan of MVs with a story and this was definitely one of those.

YG, I forgive you for trolling us for so long.


The show SEX and the CITY was something that I loved for years. I still do. And the fact that there are four members of 2ne1 just leaves me with giddy feels.

Dara is the Charlotte of the group. CL is Samantha, in her fierce fashion and blondness. Bom is Carrie and Minzy is Miranda. Their group doesn't need to act to look like they get along. I am sure that the making video would show NGs because they were just having way too much fun to pay attention.

I love how fresh this video is. And the fact that it was done a couple of years ago is just uncanny. Because their beauty has not faded since. They are even more beautiful now. I think LOVE has something to do with it.

The fact that four independent women (Minzy just became of age this year) are in such a colorful video, with Jeremy Scott, no less, made me happy.

Happy kinda of reminded me of a CF for a communication app like Line and Kakao beacause of the graphics. But it was cute without trying too hard.


In the end it's all about the fans and it's all about the music. So views or no views, haters or no haters, I am happy YG didn't troll us this time around.




P.S. I had so much feels I had to write them down. So feel free to read up on my 2ne1 shorts in AFF. 

Let me know what you think of the videos, okay?
I am curious if you liked it or not. No need to control yourself. Feel free to bash. <3

Here is Kenny's reaction video. <3



“The MV of “COME BACK HOME” is set in a near-future city, and the concept is that people in this era prefer the virtual world over the real one, just like the movie ‘Matrix’.”

“These days when people meet they look into the screens of their phones instead of having a conversation, which shows an addiction to cell phones and games. I think this behavior demonstrates that people like the virtual world. Even at playgrounds kids play with cell phones, and this will worsen in the future and people will be more enthusiastic about the virtual world than the real one.”

He continued, “In the MV of ‘COME BACK HOME,’ DARA is heartbroken by a man she is in love with, as he prefers the virtual world. For these reasons, the four members of 2NE1, DARA, CL, BOM and MINZY enter the virtual world themselves and turn into warriors to destroy that world. Through this, we tried to convey the message of how important the real world is, and about the human touch.”

He also explained why he leaned toward a music drama rather than a MV filled with choreographic scenes.

He said, “2NE1’s MVs were mainly choreographic ones until now, so we wanted to try something new. We wanted to invest our time and money in the computer graphic work, which ended up in a 500 million won budget.”


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