Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hi, I'm Teacher Sam!

So I am back to my bohemian life. I tried the job that has a great HMO and better pay. But all I got from it is GERD and whole lot of maladies. And a few great friends to keep for life. You know who you are. NO need to name drop.

But this is my second day of having classes and guess what? My stress level is about 2% and it's because I only have three students. It's bound to get busy in the next few days and months but I am just glad to be doing something I know I am great at. And reports and tech issues aside, I am loving it. I am sure I will eat those words on hectic days but I am glad to be back.

And as long as this industry is around, I plan to stay.

I am currently back to the night shift and have to travel to Ortigas by jeep, MRT and foot just to get to work on time but I wouldn't exchange it for dragging my feet to work every day.

It's challenging to keep tabs on students' schedule and progress. And talking to someone who is trying to ask you what PEACE means even if you already said it means "No fighting" can be a challenge. But it's more like riding a bicycle and you never really unlearn in.

I miss my old students and their antics. Most of them are on my Facebook now and would probably see this. And I am hoping that I can re-learn how to teach kids and teens again. As for adults, that was always easier.

The challenge is time management once there are one class after the other. And that my current keyboard is like an old Nokia phone, the kind that requires me to press it heavily since the keys are a bit hard.

There are a lot of things to look forward to. And improvements to help with but I am glad to be back.

Sometimes I think, why did I ever leave?



It's nothing compared to waking up and saying, "Yey, work!"

I'm weird. I know.

Note to self : Welcome back, Sam. ^^



  1. Welcome back to the world of teaching! I know you won't earn much from it but hey, it has given us something that we will never get from other jobs. Although I know I will leave this profession/field in the near future after I become determined to become a real chef, I know that I am thankful for what this profession and field has given me. :)

    1. Thanks! My friends also said at least I gave other industries a try. I guess I was just looking for greener pastures in the wrong places. ^^ Next week will be stressful because there would be more students but I am sure I would get the hang of it. ^^


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