Saturday, November 9, 2013

RINGA LINGA LATE but still waiting

I was pissed because I thought I would get to see it before I sleep. T_T Then I thought this was them trolling us again. *YG and YB share that hobby, you would know this because YB loves to post troll posts on his IG* *such a cutie pie he is. So when I checked the BB YT channel and found no #RingaLinga video I was pissed. 

Then I read at a friend's wall that it was at 12pm *That would be noon right?* 
Then I saw that fracking Allkpop article (because you know how this site is they only have a speedy article for YG is it's bad news or scandals - showing their SM color much, b*pls) and found out YB apologized for the delay. THE FUN part about that article is it contained to other information regarding WHEN (I needed the time) when the song would be released. 

Good thing I have spazzmates and I found the time and the translation *which was not from Bing because seriously Bing you have a retarded translation system even worse than google translate (facepalm)* 

And it melted me " If you were staying up, hurry and go to bed..! I'll find you in your dreams" is so YB. My original bias. Such a cutie. 

And because we as VIPs are a patient (only for YG related things) bunch we figured we waited this long we might as well go on and wait some more. 

So now I am off to bed and if YB is late in my dreams I will surely rape him. Rin galing galing. 

#taeyang #ringalingalate #sunwillriseatNOON

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