Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rereading The blog past : My Korean Boyfriend

Rereading The blog past : My Korean Boyfriend

Backtracking a blog that I read for a while years back when I was in the online English industry was accidental. I was googling for "Korean socks store near an mrt " and I got into the link for an article about CNA. Then a picture of Krimmy
reminded me of a blog that I loved reading in 2010. So I searched for it and am now reading from the first article *once again* since I forgot about it already. And then I read the entry that got me hooked. 

So to all the kdrama peeps and kculturewhores who don't know My Sassy Girl, I revoke your writes to spazz right now. I mean...seriously what the heck is wrong with you. Your education is lacking. Fufufu.

I have stopped looking for my Gyun-woo but it still cute to read up about it.

I am looking forward to reading more about what happened to Krimmy. ^.^ (I am so forgetful it's not even funny. T_T)

I plan to buy some cute stuff from their place for Christmas. I already got a couple of TOP socks (MINE!) from GDYB store from the Knation4 booths, as well as a Bom, Heartbreaker GD and Tao socks (MINE!) Yes, I wanna buy socks for people this Christmas. And other cute things. ^.^ Forgive me. ^.^

November 28, 2013 update
As of writing this update I am on their archives for November 2011. T_T I need to reach the current posts. Then start backreading which is Kring's blog. Fudge off. I will add (probably already did) them on my FB and check out stuff there too. T_T But for now reading the blog for refresher on stuff. Also will be reading Ask A Korean and other blogs that would help out at work. Shooting all these blogs to my fellow trainee Pete who knows squat about Koryans before he got to work in Power One. So yeah. I is doing something work related, boom. ^.^

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