Sunday, November 3, 2013


How to report posers

I am not an fb expert so I still don't know why FB isn't taking this fanpage down.
Is it because it seems to contain the same stuff as the REAL person? Ugh. It's irritating

But this is what I did.

1. click the screw icon and choose Report/Block this person

2. Choose submit a report >> Report (name of account)'s account

3A. If you are an added friend of the REAL person on their facebook account you NEED TO LINK it

MAKE SURE THAT IT SHOWS that the account is tagged on this report.

3B. If you are not an added friend this is what you can try

*This is all that I can do since I am not an added friend of the person in the example*
*ignore the error juseyo*

4. Then submit the report

But ultimately what needs to be done is for the real person to report it directly

You can report fanpages too. But I think the best way to block a fanpage would be to source out the facebook where it's coming from. 

These are her only fb accounts

to help report fake fanpages and accounts

go here

faker fanpage *not sure if this is a poser fanpage* will check more 


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