Friday, November 22, 2013

Kpop, First Week & FanNoona Duties

As more balls are thrown it to juggle, I would find that organizing things to my need would come in handy. I think that there would have to be a lot that I would have to organize in my new work station to help me get things running smoothly. There are more students added to my roster and I would have to deal with new people again. *rubs hands in excitement*

This week had passed by without me noticing the days. The hours fly when you are not constantly waiting for the proverbial school bell to go off. I am looking forward to learning how to handle my class list on Monday.

I will be going all Kpop crazy during the weekend. I would have to check out 2ne1's new video and all news that a blackjack must know. And I would have to check up on who won at MAMA. *Let it be my Goddesses* and check out their comeback stage. *getting too giddy as I type this*

And of course, I have to do my FangirlNoona duties and upload the KNation4 pictures and the videos that accompany them. God, help my wifi. If I can, I might check out my dongsaengs at Star Mall but I am not sure yet. Depends on whether I can finish uploading or not. *cries when she remembers that some pictures were corrupted = read as white out = when she cropped them at her sister's computer = I swear her pc is an anti-kpop beotch. I lost all of my Mr Kface Idol aka Riri Pics and several others. God I hope they were not too special. If they were I ask my co-fangirls forgiveness for trying to crop them...TT_TT

Anyway. I have to go to a group hang after work. With alcohol. How very keryan of us. ^.^

Good luck to my liver. Kidding. I probably would keep it on a low alcohol night since I would be traveling with to Batangas after. ^.^

Here's to my first week officially back, kampai!~

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