Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't Love, Write

Those who can't love, write. it's almost like the saying those who can't do, teach. But I know for a fact that both statements are not true. I know a few real writers and I have it in good confidence that they are in loving relationships. I think this applies more to editors. Okay, so it applies to me, happy? ^.^

That's the disadvantage of being a realist who writes fiction who wants life not to imitate art but just be...I don't know...logical.

I will have to go home during the weekend and I am sure my family would be bugging me about this. I would just have to brush it off as per usual and use my superpowers of "Back off or I'll ask you even more uncomfy questions". Cue the worried faces of oldies who want me to be saddled with a kid or two by now since I am "not getting any younger" and "I should give my parents grandchildren".

I would be back to dodging weirdos at family events that well-meaning relatives would "introduce to me." I am sure the introduction this time would be "This is Biatch Cousin, she just broke up with her boyfriend. She wants to date a man." And enter really repulsive not my type ogling guy who doesn't seem to have any chance of procreating unless the woman is blind and worst, not able to smell anything. Cue my civil smirk and my monotonous voice "We broke up because I like women too." And the pervert would actually be more interested in talking to me and offer me a drink which I would refuse "I am on a diet." and the clueless monkey would compliment me on my curves. And say that he likes his women real not stick-like. To which I would roll my eyes mentally and say with me eyes, "You would fuck a doll if your small dick would just fit in it." But what I would really do is ask the most uncomfortable question, "So, why are you single?" And then I would pretend to need to get more food. To which the asshole would probably say "Kala mo kung sinong maganda." which I would hear and I would turn around, raise an eyebrow give him the worst demeaning once-over then laugh my evil sultry snort. Walk away then laugh outloud like I was keeping it in.

I do not look forward to that. Thank God I won't have to do that any time soon. No one is getting married these days. And the weirdos are all coupled up they won't mind me. ^.^

I have main actors to weave and leading men to pair up to normal run o the mill ladies with unbelievable fortune of meeting someone who fits their lives.

On my end, I just need to dodge people who would make me feel guilty that I did what I thought was best for me and him. That in the end he would be free to love someone who would not hurt him ever.

I have novels to edit and stories to write. I simply can't afford the distraction towards my dream.

And besides it Nanowrimo time. I would be busy in November.

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