Friday, October 14, 2011

MIG AYESA IN MANILA JUNE 2012 : Fangirl 3.0

I just love fangirling about real artists. Sorry I might be all over Korean singers lately making fanfics and crap but the love I have (my friend and I have) for Mig Ayesa is never going to be eclipsed by those idol groups.

So as usual this fangirl moment started with a facebook message.

Thanks Toni I never got the autographed thingy but I hope I can see him in person!!! That would be so worth it!!! I could just die and go to fangurl heaven!

Then I went to the link and saw this

I have time to save! And buy a super camera! Or at least a phone that can take pictures and videos and all that jazz!!!

And I almost died of happiness because I realized I would have time to save up for it. And that my friend would just die because she won't be able to see him. I promise to borrow a digital camera or have one of my own by then, Reina.

Once again Mig saved me on a super bad depressing day since I was really freaked out about the rape-murder case of Given Grace from UPLB.

My kerfag (korean idol fangirl) friends are going to a viral concert tomorrow for Super Junior. But they can't hold a candle to our MIG A! Yey!

2012 can be the end of the world just as long as it doesn't happen in June. K, Lord? Thanks.


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