Monday, October 31, 2011

Confessions of Pinaywriter on Nanowrimo 2011

If it wasn't enough that I have to think of a plot of Yobo (seriously sorry Norby), edit 31 novels ++ and write my own, I have joined the 2011 Nanowrimo thingy. If you are from the Philippines, you might want to go to the regional group site and get some tips. I haven't attended any of the plot party or meet and greets because of budget and shyness (that's new for me too). I am thinking that I probably won't finish the 50,000 requirement but I plan to write more than I did the last time. So far I have a story that I want to tell. So I think that would come in handy. And it would also help me vent out some of my angry. This piece would definitely not see the light of day but I prefer that I put my aggravation somewhere. I got a play out of JL and me, I got a romance novel out of Mark and me. So wouldn't it just be so me to make a Nanowrimo about my last trip to Romantica?

And in this one I would not be the victim. I actually think people are going to think my character, yes of course she is going to be me, what else can I write about, is quite plainly a crazy sociopath-like bitch. I won't write the version of me that was victimized by love but the me who caused people pain, manipulated people's emotion and eventually deluded herself that she knew what love meant for her. Then of course, there has to be a change of heart, a willingness to accept mistakes and to try one's best to find answers.

And this time, the answers aren't going to be pretty. And I love it.

I don't have an ending yet. I don't plan to kill anyone in this piece though. Except maybe the last remaining guilt feelings of being left behind and/or being a horrible ex-girlfriend.

I don't know if you can read it hear but here's my piece for Nanowrimo 2011, Confessions of Pinaywriter : Love - Fact or Fiction. You still have a day to join, well, more or less 16 hours. So try it out!

October 31, 2011 word count: 0 of 50,000

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