Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crush Rush

I have a new crush.

Why am I so happy?

One, he is not a figment of my imagination or an actor/idol/model.
Two, he has a very good deep manly voice. *gyah!~*
Three, I made him smile when I said jokes in front of him.
Four, he asked me a question and I spaced out for like five seconds. That never happens when I am doing public speaking. ^.^
Five, he's a werewolf. *teehee*

Lastly, the fact that I have a crush that got into my dream, yes I dreamt about him, means that I am really fully recovered. My heart isn't just ready to love. It's not just something that I am saying out loud so that I can believe it. There is an actual chemical reaction in my brain that makes me like other men. Well, man for now.

I plan to have as many crushes as I possibly can. I don't plan to do anything about this present crush except hold it close to me and go gyaaaaaaah!~

After all, a crush rush can make me like work even better. Too bad he's not going to work in the same shift. ^.^

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