Monday, February 21, 2011

His First Febfair & My First Normal BF

It was a hectic Friday since we had to meet up, I had to buy a pantyhose for my dress and we had to go to Makati so that I could pack my stuff for Elbi. It didn't help that we had the deadline for our team book that day. I was super worn out. T_T, I didn't know what I would do first. And carrying Eros (my lappie) was a pain.

But he was patient enough to show me his school uniform. *I have a picture somewhere but I can't seem to find it. T_T I think it's in my officemate's camera. Tsk.* He waited for me to finish eating, didn't comment that I looked harassed. We went to my dorm so that I could take a bath and pack. He ate lunch at the cafeteria downstairs and that shot his budget. I did remind him to just buy something to drink. ^.^ I could find my comb so I went downstairs without combing my hair. He was attentive and remembered the things that I asked him to remind me. ^.^

We bough donuts before riding the bus. He also discovered the awesomeness of grape-flavored Water Plus.  I didn't get to sleep on the bus since we talked a bit, took some pictures, and listened to some music. He likes John Mayer amongst others. I felt envious that he could have so much music on his blackberry. T_T Oh well. I discovered that he was ticklish. ^.^ That was fun to learn.

It was already late when we got to UPLB. I learned that it was his first FebFair. That and he didn't tell his mom where we were! T_T That did not go down well. If I was my old bitchy self he would have never heard the end of it. But I was trying to be a nice girl and going psychobitch on him that early was not part of the program.

We went to my UPFC's booth first and I was able to meet,greet and introduce him to them. We would make it our "baggage counter" and homebase for the rest of the night. We went looking for my brother and Dada as well. My brother was easier to spot and he got along with Ico quite well. *I'm going to call him that since I really don't like Raymond as a name. ^.^ Sorry sweetie.* I was scared for a while that my brother would shock Ico but I guess he doesn't shock easily. I am sticking to the "what is in the past is in the past" during that time. I tend to scare men away with my rap sheet. And although he's had other girlfriends, I didn't want to have a repeat of the blurting at Mark episode. Lesson learned during that time: If the guy is not interested to hear it, keep it to yourself. We did talk about these things later on. I consider the 19th as the official Pandabear day since the conditions were met during that day.

We bumped into my brother and I bought them red iced teas and a couple of makis for me and Baks *my brother's nickname*. I ended up giving the donuts and maki to my orgmates since the pasta they fed me was nom-tastic. Ico even got to talk to Sir Owen. *who told me that he reads my blog- pressure much* I encountered another "You should be a lawyer" situation. I said it outloud but it's not entirely true, that I don't have ambitions. I just consider that my dreams have already been met career-wise. I found a job that gave me talking as a main job and it had a schedule that fit my lifestyle. The only problem is that I don't have HMO and I can't save because I get paid peanuts. I can write now for T.O.P. and I hope that one day I can be a published writer. *This would be for another blgo but I am thinking of going off the grid as the EIC. I can't really resign but I might since I want to focus on my writing.*

His friends from RO and RF were a typical bunch of gamers. They were teasing him that he seemed happy. That might have something to do with the fact that he was going around the fair while holding hands with a girl. His chest had to endure the "congratulatory hits". But yeah, he seemed genuinely happy.

We stayed inside so long that we missed the bar scene. I didn't get to show him Hopscotch all that much. There weren't any food left there either. T_T I knew that black cat that we saw would bring bad luck. One, I didn't get to see Kuya B, second, we had to eat at Mcdo for breakfast and three, I am keeping this one hush-hush for now.

We stayed at the common area for my brother's apartment. It proved to be comfy enough and there were a lot of firsts that we talked about while we were there. I had to adjust to sleeping with someone but oddly enough I slept well for the few hours that he let me sleep. I forgot that I am a grumpy person when I wake up when he woke me up. I guess I would need to adjust to that the same way I don't get to keep my cp silent for a long period of time or watch movies alone. There are just single habits that I would have to tuck away now that I had a boyfriend again.

Just a quick note, Ico is probably my first normal boyfriend. We all know my relationship history. I have splattered my boo-boos all over this blog already. But like the best things in my life, I think I might have be more protective of my new chapter for now.

He makes me smile. He told me that he loves me. *Tee-hee* I have already crushed my crush rush and the dust have been taken away by the Elbi breeze. So now there is only him that he needs to compete with. I am giving my heart 100 days to fall in love. If it doesn't fall for him completely, then I would have to ask him to be just my friend. I don't want to waste his time with someone who can't love him the way that he deserves.

021811 UPLB FebFair

I admit that I compared him to my exes in a lot of things. Prowess, size, potential for greatness and whatnot. Despite falling short in experience, age and a few other things that used to be important for me in my shallow versions of love, he trumps them all in one simple yet important category. Honesty. So even if God is telling me that I can't have all that I wish for in one guy, having a rare find like him in my life is good enough for me. For all the things that they made me feel, trusting a man again is a lot more refreshing and scary than I thought. This time my trust is not based on fantasies and ideals, it's based on exactly how he is around me. Although I try to mellow down and try not to be the dominating old me, I think that with proper training, Ico would be a great boyfriend. I just need to put back the ego his exes has stomped on and the confidence that is lurking in his eyes.

I don't need to break this one in. The others have done way too much of that. This normal relationship would take a lot of work. I don't know how he would be able to handle the FullMetal Nyanya GF mode. I already told him that I can't meet his family just yet since I want to be in my best self. And that I can't present him to my family since that means marriage in our family. I also told him that I need time before I can tell him that I really love him. Because I am not like the others, I don't say something just as a response. When that time comes, I want him to be able to recognize true love and not just a "mutual understanding". I firmly believe that women who talk about love when all they have is affection are even worse than whores and us sluts. At least we present our men with the truth.

Since I was sent an honest man, I need to be the same way.
I just hope he comes into his own soon enough. I want to inspire and not to train him too hard. He has potential, we just need to adjust a few things.

So my dear friends, chill. I'll tell you the whole story when the time comes. ^.^ And all the naughty bits too.

021411 MOA VDate


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