Friday, February 11, 2011

Reign in Spunky

After a play there is always a prod party, right? Well, it was supposed to be a trip down nostalgia for me and Adios Mad*r F*ckr at Loata but when I passed by to take a look at Hopscotch, Kuya Benz was there. T_T All this time I thought they had already sold that place to his brother's friend from Japan. But apparently there were some issues and legal battles so the sale didn't push through. He told me about the videoke room that he furnished as his new business. It looked like an entertainment room circa Filipino families. I teased him that I had a place to crash in when I was in Elbi. Without Ate Carla, I seriously didn't have a place to stay in. And it is never safe to sleep in a hostel or motel alone. It's even less safe to stay in one with someone.

Speaking of someone, I saw Dada in a Sakbayan rally. He is running for office in CHE. *facepalm* I didn't really think he could actually make his life an even hellish version of what it already is. I am glad to know that his standing is good enough to be able to be considered for a position. But COLLEGE POLITICS? SERIOUSLY? I am secretly red, that is for sure. But for the longest time all they have been able to produce are individuals who had to shed their ideals after they left the school. Some didn't leave at all, others can never come back. And I seriously feel more nervous about this than I felt nervous when he told me the news that he told me last year. I know him to be a good kid and kinda stubborn. I also know him to be the kind to seem to be carried by the flow but actually constantly understand that going against the flow can be a good thing too.
Enough about this. I absolutely don't care about this anyway. I don't vote for that election anymore. It's in their hands.

I gave him cookies that I bought at Mica's. 300 grams. The rest are sitting on top of the brownies box that I have in my apartment. I was supposed to give it as "pasalubong" but now I want it all to myself. *teehee*

I went to Java Ave *where I never really party like ever* and I found out that there was a sorority party mixer in there. 150 to get in. I thought Dada would be there with the other Sakbayan people. Apparently not. I bought a ticket, got a searching hospital band and went in to try to find Dada.

And find him I did. He was with Jet, a couple of girls (one was Steph), a guy wearing a white sports shirt (he's ben-something I don't like his type. Sleazy) and a bear-type semi-kalbo guy who reminds me of a nicer version of my friend's ex-fiancee.

Segway, I also found TJ. (couldn't remember him in the beginning) but he told me he was straight. T_T Right. And I pointed at the lead singer of the band that was singing and said I wanted that boy. He latter dragged the guy in my emperial presence. I didn't plan it, I blame the juiced up cocktail but I kissed him on the lips (well side of lip) and he said he was bi. I told bi singer whose name I don't remember and whose band I didn't listen to, that he should date Teej and just get his gay on. And I also told him to pick a team. Pick. a. team. Yes, bi's I am talking to you. Don't be greedy. Pick.a.ragiddy*ss team.

Going back to the nice people's table. I eliminated the Ben-something guy since I thought the girl he was sitting beside with was his girl. Apparently she was an acquaintance. I have been there before. I know what those kinds of things lead to. And I am the one who controls the situation, for my own protection. But like I said, I have already retired from that kind of lifestyle. I want to be a good girl. Even if it kills me, I would do it.

I knew that he was a nice guy to begin with. Pandabear, I will call him that. I call my friends weird nicknames so just let me do this. I call Benidict papabear so there is no romantic reason for this. He apparently dated a commarts student. That in itself is a flag. People always assume that we CommArts students have hidden archives of each other and know one another just because we are in the same course. Sure we are friendly but for heaven's sake, why would I remember people who are insignificant to me? Right? Anyway, apparently it was a traumatizing emotional rollercoaster for him. I was dishing out my life lesson mantras and paying a lot of attention to him.

Girls be careful when you are this way, especially you sweet smiling engaging women. It might lead a boy on and you don't want to have to clean up that mess. Establish your parameters. Flirt at your own risk.

The Luvshak goddesses might be a lot of things even sorority girls can not or would not do but we never intentionally strung a man along just because we wanted to get a kick out of it.

Okay, so we might have once or twice but that's beside the point. I am a good girl now. So I was just telling him good information like I do with any other underclassman.

I read him of course. He is a nice guy. He is attentive. He is emo-ish. He is witty. He knows where he is good at and he doesn't pretend otherwise. He was really scarred by his ex, like really scarred. He has strong-willed women issues. He knows when to make his move. He is graceful enough to ignore a rejection but smart enough to recognize it. And the boy likes to woe.

Also, he's clingy and definitely the jealous type.

He also asked me out in the middle of a conversation. I said, "I don't go out in Manila." then continued to blab. He looked nervous when he asked me that. Just the right amount of apprehension. But I know one thing is for sure. I am an even bigger biatch than any other CommArts major he could've ever have dated.

So I would have to be adamant not to break my no little boylets below a specific age.


On other news.

Office crush is making me hyperventilate.
He is too close for comfort at times.
Remember that feeling that I always have when I know that Mark is lurking around? I get that whenever he is about to come into the room. And he listens to my classes often. I think it's because Lyn told them too. I don't know who put him up to it.
Seriously I am rejoicing right now. This is actually a great sign. This is the symptom that I am truly healed.

You see, I am not the kind of person who has crushes randomly. Sure, artists and actors once in a while BUT regular people stay in my attention zone for a minute or two. That's it. Then I always find something I don't like about them. Sometimes a glance is enough to do it.

He is definitely interested to listen in on the call. And being a big person makes his presence intimidating. He literally blocks the light.

Twilightboy is symptom number 1. He is the sign that air can be energized and not just for Mark.
Pandabear is symptom number 2. He is the sign that if I smile enough and with what I learned from psych class, I can get any guy to feel like they like me.

But of course, Twilightboy has an expiration date. And his number is up.
Pandabear however is sweet but like I always say, as much as he is a great guy, he should be with someone who sucks in air when he's around. And too bad that is not me.

This is a classic, spark vs comfort. And I choose neither. Having an office crush is and safe. It serves the purpose that eradicates their assumption that I am a lesbian. It also provides a few kilig moments. But that is it. That is all that would be of it. I would still not date a guy from work, or at least pounce at him. No amount of hangover would make me do that. Although him almost ignoring my suggestions that he listen to other people is odd. 0.o

Having a new apprentice is fine. But if he falls for me that would be a problem. I want him to have a chance at happiness. And I am not the kind for nice guys to date. Girls like me eat boys like him for breakfast. He deserves a mellow traditional girl. ^.^ I would definitely leave him in shreds even finner than his ex left him. But for now, I reply appropriately.

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