Friday, February 11, 2011

Elbipie 14: Banana Shake

I laughed so hard and felt so nostalgic during the whole time. There were no skinship that would have made people feel uncomfortable and everything was done for laughter's sake.

The first part was the modeling part, something that has been a part of some plays that are under this series. It's a way to introduce some new people or the characters portrayed by the new cast. Some of the more prominent members of the cast started out as models. Of course, it's done with humor. If I ever get my hands on a DVD, I would definitely buy it. They should look into doing this for the next Elbipie plays. Someone did that before that is why I have a copy of Kiko's queen bee return.

After that there were the typical monologues and dialogues. The first one was able an actress who is pissed off at a guy who is all high and mighty because he fucked up his relationship with his orgmates just so he could become more popular or make a name for himself. She is pissed off at him because he is trying to press his feelings for her when in fact she knows that the reason why he likes her is because she reminds him of his ex. The other girl is the ex girlfriend. The catch is that the girl actually bewitched the guy with her "flower water". This is the reason why he fell in love with her. It was actually why he would always love her. But she didn't want the kind of love that was obsessive and caused by magic. She realized that to be able to love someone, she needed to love herself.

The funny thing was the first girl was smoking several cigarettes at the same time. Weird. ^.^

The next one was between the Olay model girl and a gay who did Sir Gene's old character. It was really nice. He was a hit, I believe. He made me miss Sir Gene so much. The story is about them and an unseen Joe character. The girl is actually talking to the guy who was cleaning his refrigerator. I missed Dee because of it. I am not sure if she was the one who did it but the lines reminded me of her.

I said it outloud and I would say it again, I am not worried now that there wouldn't be a Kiko, Pong, Bong or Rand in these plays. There is always potential to be discovered. And he (morpheus guy) is it.

I feel like I am forgetting something but if I am I am really sorry because all I remember is that apart from the Why not Underground's super funny dance the part with Sir Rufo was the one that remained.

It seemed in the beginning that the full-haired, red gowned Elmer was talking to the audience. After he listed the senorita, saba and ladunti men in his life (all men were played by just one guy including the wife of the saba guy) it was revealed that he was actually talking to his dead father. Or was that dying father. I forget. Sleep deprivation is a brain cells killer.

I liked the way that he harassed the other actor, sang at times, shifted from song to dialogue, from humor to tears and from straight to gay. I laughed so hard that my abs got so much exercise I probably lost weight. I laughed all my work stress away. I felt refreshed.

This is how much I missed laughing this way. This is why although I went there alone, I didn't care. This is why it is sheer torture to not allow water in the DL Umali Hall. Because laughing can be taxing to the throat. We need to drink after laughing and screaming or whatnot while watching this play.

This is where the regular student doesn't have to conform to regular theater rules and just let it all out. Where the actors feed off the energy of their audience. Megamall has that stupid game on one of their cinemas. Well, we don't ever have to do that in an Elbi play. Ever.

* I didn't get to see Miss B but it was fine. I'll just clap for her right here.

** I was so pissed that I didn't have a camera. I should have borrowed one from a friend. T_T,

*** I was thinking of Irvin and how not so long ago, we were working our assess off and scared shitless of Miss B. I missed not needing to use a mic to be heard all the way to the pit from the sound room on the top. I missed the actors, the crew and the days when Icebag ruled the stage.

But I hope that next time, there would be people sitting on the carpet and standing room only once more.

Nevertheless, congratulations and more power to all the people behind ELBIPIE 14. Welcome to the family. ^.^

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