Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Adam is good, two are even better?

Dating tip: Never ask a man to go bazaar shopping. He will get bored. He'll say that he wasn't but HE WILL BE.

So kuddos to Pandabear for sticking to it to the end. I ended up with three tees, three blouses and one dress. ^.^ I would like to thank Ianne for choosing my silver glittery blouse today.
The shopping was prompted by the "business casual" dress code for work today and Friday. I just got my teaching minutes. So far the only remaining part of it is 500. ^.^ But I was able to eat Mt. Fuji maki, Tori Pesto, and strawberry milkshake with Ai. *Promise kept!* Too bad her cousin was in Greenhills. T_T, I was also able to buy new things that would help my new year's resolution "to be appear more feminine".

We were planning to go to Greenhills to buy my clothes but it was a good thing he was amendable to just going to Starmall. After the shopping "spree" we went to Shang to pass by Quantum so he can meet and greet with his kinakapatid, Dada. She was with other people and I just smiled, greeted and waved. I don't know if it was a meet and greet for my benefit or he wanted her to see me. She seems nice though. I teased her "Are you the one he's been ditching lately?" She laughed it off and said yes. So I think I like her. As my friends know, first impressions are very important.
I asked him what he wanted to do after that. He didn't have any plans since it's a sudden date so we had to wing it. He owes me a movie date now. ^.^ I figured this is a better way to do things since he also has the Laguna man provider complex. But the thing is I have the "working girl" independent complex so I thought Starbucks would be a great idea. Luckily, Just Go With It was on!

they are super hot in the movie super hot

So we bought bbq and sour cream popcorn and lemonades. Note to self: Sour cream popcorn is so not my thing. I will stick to caramel popcorn. Shang needs to look into that. T_T, I was surprised that movies are a lot cheaper in Shang than I thought. ^.^ Nevertheless I had a great time. I was afraid that he would get too cold inside the cinema. Since he just recovered from a fever that would not be a good thing.  But cuddling helps. ^.^ It's hard on the back but nice.

But before this whole date day I had an encounter with Twilightboy. I talked to him when I saw him in his new station. He was wearing new shades. I asked him if he got the chocolates that I asked someone to give him. He was able to take something out *probably the note* when he said that he didn't really understand something. I just countered it with the common, That's because my handwriting is really bad. I exited before he could say or ask me anything else. Office crushes are just crushes. I had a crush on Ry before and it didn't matter. I want to get more information that would make me not have a crush rush over him anymore. So I have a mission later. I hope that it works out fine. I will blog about it if it works out. But my teammates are still splitsies when it comes to the two guys. Some of them say that Pandabear and I look good together. Others are sticking to the chemistry between me and Twilightboy. I don't really know if it's going to be possible between the two of us. Though he is nice enough to not be awkward towards me. I was able to ask him the question that my TL was asking, she was wondering what he ate to get that tall. He just laughed it off and tapped me. Some of my teammates were there to see that and by the looks they were giving me, they were still not over the whole crush rush week. I plan to make sure that Twilightboy is eliminated from the crush rush race. People are already assuming that Pandabear is it. But we can't really tell for sure. I enjoy hanging out with him but I won't be the same old blind me. Comfortable doesn't necessary transfer love. We are both in transition. Baggages need to be let go and laundries need to be done.

I will use my CommArts-ness to get Twilightboy eliminated. I am pretty sure he doesn't like me the way Pandabear does.

Enough worrying. I just need, for the first time in my entire sordid relationship history, ENJOY what I am feeling and who I am seeing in the most wholesome of ways. Yes, dearies, you read that word right. Wholesome.

So not me, right?

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  1. I mishu, Sam! When will I get to meet this Pandabear or Twilightboy of yours? =D

    Teehee!!! =D


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