Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25 Musings

My mom didn't go because she was pregnant. Obviously, my father didn't go because they were waiting for me to arrive. I didn't know anything that happened. My mom loves yellow too. At some point she had the Cory hair. ^.^ And coupled with thick cory glasses.

But now that some one else in the Aquino family is president I wonder, where was the Obama-like hope that he promised. Like his mother, he also seemed reluctant to become the president. Would history repeat itself?

Or would things be a little better this time? Or are slogans going to remain that way. I believe that more things would be exposed this time around. But that doesn't mean that things would not be hidden from the people as well. There is more accountability because the media is more severe and technology makes information easily available. One wrong move and a president with a new car and a new date can be splattered all over the internet and twitter would be raving about that.

I am confused why this is a working holiday. Couldn't he make them take a day off, those who toil day in and day out to remember this day and maybe find the time to tell their kids why February 25 was so important in history.

Oh well, I think, Mr. President you forgot a little aspect of that day that we remember. The masses included people who walked to the street from their work places, probably risking losing their jobs to support a great cause. Surely the students were there as well but wouldn't the majority be people who are in their forties and fifties now?

I am sure Makati would be a little yellow today. I saw the decorations yesterday and I remembered suddenly. I am supposed to buy my mom a yellow Cory shirt. She likes the color after all.

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