Monday, February 14, 2011

My Curly Tops Valentine

I made notes for my teammates and gave them Curly Tops. ^.^ I wanted to give them one box each but I blew my Valentine's budget when I went to Elbi. ^.^ I decided to give a box to Miss L, Sam, Liz and of course, Twilightboy. ^.^ I don't know if Pandabear would want chocolates but I'll be meeting up with him in SM Mega later to go to MOA. I promised to train him to check who are desperately paired or those who are really happy on this Hearts' Day.

Let's just call Pandabear as my love apprentice and I am his surrogate Valentine. But I am sure this kid has the potential to be a great boyfriend. We just need to train him to be a lot less gullible when it comes to women.

As for Twilightboy, I hope he shares the curly tops and that I don't get into any trouble asking someone to give it to him. This ends my crush rush. I hope.

Onto the next crush. Who knows, while teaching Pandabear, I might just stumble upon a new crush? MOA is a big place, right? I wouldn't mind wandering into someone's heart. ^.^

I refuse to consider this year as Happy S.A.D.! (single awareness day) I consider this year as Curly Tops V-day. It's not all the time that I have a crush rush and a love apprentice on the same Valentine's day. ^.^ I don't need to have a boyfriend to have fun and to give love on this day. This way is a little bit more kilig actually.

To all my friends who are celebrating as a pair or solo, Happy Puso!

sarang he oppa!~


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