Monday, February 28, 2011

My weekend in pictures

I can barely talk and I haven't slept yet so I can' really tell you about my jam-packed weekend. But believe me it was blog-worthy. There are parts that can't be blogged directly so I would just mix fact with a little fiction. Still. It was a fun weekend. I got the reactions that I didn't expect from my family members about my boyfriend. They haven't seen him and I don't plan for him to be subjected to this family any time soon. Wait for the blogs...they'll be hilarious. ^.^ At least, I think it would be. But I would need to sleep first.


pictures and poster edited by moi taen by moi mostly too
meg, macho, mhel, moi

meg, maganda,macho, mhel

food at my ninong's 50th b-day Diet? What's thaaaaaaaaaat?


family minus GM and Chad

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