Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pandabear ♥ Day

He was late. And we all know how I am about men who are late for things. I was with a man who made me wait for him three hours at a time almost every time. So we know that I can be patient enough for anyone. But that didn't matter this time. It was a Valentine's day date but it wasn't supposed to be a big deal.

It was funny because I thought Nichols was his kinakapatid. It was actually a location. *teehee* That was super embarrassing. I told him to meet me at NBS where Ai and I were hanging out. I was at the graphics section next to the magazine section where Ai bee-lined to. When I looked behind me he was already there clad in a blue polo shirt ,Marithé et François Girbaud shoes, jeans, and backpack. (Yes, he's in the backpack age still. Manbags don't start until they graduate. ^.^) I introduced him to Ai. (She later made an offhand comment about me and Pandabear being bagay. Too early to tell.)

We travelled from Mega to MOA. We both didn't know that the MIA bus was the one we needed to ride. He paid for the fair. (I paid later but it's not equal. *teehee*)

We ate at the food court. *Dating tip: Food courts aren't as cheap as you think they are. They are a great place to be able to choose whatever you want to eat without having to compromise the kind of food you like.* He ate barbeque from a Filipino food store and I ate chicken terriyaki from a Japanese one. Miso soup is love!~

Of course I was grilling him on just about any information that I would need to find the real reason why he is still single. *Dating tip: This makes guys uncomfortable but this has been the purpose of our sudden V-day date so it's allowed.* I found out that this particular bear is actually a super softie who has been plowed under by girls who reminded me of Moi in my teens and early twenties. Definitely, they are sweet loving but commitment freaks who tend to break people's hearts. Poor, pandabear. But this is not a pity parade. It's a "Panda-awesomeness" Day.

We walked around then stopped near an area where we could look down and play "Real or Valentine couple". This game is a fun yet mean game where we choose couple and he guesses if they are a real couple or a couple that are just together because it's February. He had his hand on my waist by then so I felt less uncomfortable since I am really not a big fan of hand-holding. My exes know this about me. It has something to do with my hand being tiny and blood circulation.

But since my leg was already hurting and I noticed him shift his weight, I asked him to take me somewhere where we could sit. And so we went to the bay area. It was cramped with people. Unfortunately we could only find space near the fountain where the zip line was visible. I paled every time there was a couple that passed. I hate those things!

But he was very sweet and I wasn't bored, not even for a little bit. The guy tends to push the other person's parameters. And since I didn't put up any walls that day, he didn't have a hard time.

There are still a lot of things that I think I can teach him. But I am apprehensive because as those goodbye kisses indicate, there is a slim chance that I would be able to tell him to not go for the same crazy psychobitch girl that he liked in the past. The only difference is that I have already learned my lesson. Those girls he dated, they are yet to get their Karmic retribution.

I am not in a hurry. So what if Twilightboy didn't understand my note? (I think it's either he's dense or my handwriting is abysmal.) That is his problem. I am done explaining myself to men.

Clean slates are far in between. I am not about to crap all over this new chance for me to find someone to love.

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