Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Speak and no play

I am still reeling from this whole xubuntu transfer even though it's been more than a month. I hate my keyboard because it's not ergonomic. (Hello, carpal tunnel, is that you?) The darn shift, enter and backspace sticks. The keys feel like I have to use brute force so that they would type fast enough to follow the seemingly transcriptive job that I have to deal with now. I can't use canned reports anymore since the QA is stricter in this company. But I am glad that I don't have any skitzo students or crazy brats to deal with.

There is even a gap to use social networks but it's during the busiest time of my day so it seems unfair.

I have full sked of 23 students with a few 20 minute classes and my throat hurts. I think it's from the weather. People are coming down with colds and sore throats. I hope they don't infect me again.

There was a station reshuffle and re-grouping. I moved to this abysmal station with the overly bright and oddly long LG screen, DOTA keyboard and in the wrong side telephone.

Silver lining: This station has open office. So for the T.O.P. writers, that is a not so silver lining. ^_^

My rommie doesn't have her own bed yet so I need to pay full this November. I had to redo the issue 3 lay-out yesterday and I almost killed the artist for our comics. But I moved past all of those "Taribis Tuesday" crap sans only two hours of sleep before I had to go to work. T_T

I suddenly think, if I am this busy, how can I have a boyfriend? I am the kind of person who can't do anything when I have one. Because I like to devote my time to that person. I haven't even figured out why my friend was asking me where I was. I am somewhat feeling guilty about that.

I have at least 20 novels to edit. And numerous ones I want to write. Our artist wants to start the story for issue 4 as soon as possible. I asked if it was okay to wait till the end of December.

I am feeling a little down because I don't know how my crush (the feeling not the person since he is clueless) can survive this kind of situation. But then again, this comes with age I guess. Crushes are fleeting. Deciding whether or not we really like them is a little more on the practical side.

And I was hoping to ask him to watch Harry Potter together. Tsk. Oh well.

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