Saturday, November 27, 2010

EIC putting her foot down - T.O.P.

As much as I want writers to work together so they can become better writers, I think I will ban collaborations from now on. KIDDING!~ hanggang tatlo na lang ang taong pwedeng magVOLT in para makagawa ng isang series. At ang mga series na ito ay dapat hindi na E-book para hindi ko mashadong gagwardiyahan. This BAN is on from today. So all collaborations made before today shall stand and THUS need to be finished. I don't want to have to be the middle man and the king pin at the same time for things like this in the future. I KNOW UNFAIR pero I want this to be crystal clear. To make a series work with one or two people only. Your series's status (if would be an e-book or not) will be determined BY ME per your request. And the criteria include the quality of the book and the status of the writer (as based on my secret list of writer status- yes I have been evaluating you all in not so secret - LIFE IS A TEST deal with it) If sinabi ko na sa site na lang, no hard feelings. If you have concerns about the security of your work on the site then I can let it be an e-book but it would only be determined as final if your co-collaborators fit my "allow to do collaboration" criteria. 

What are the criteria? 

*Must always meet deadlines*
*Grammar level is not entirely a lost cause*
*Originality of work is unprecidented*
*Quality of work is exeptional*

So everyone, you are back to zero. 

Criteria of judging will start today. 
As EIC, I will check your work and brand you as I see fit.
Don't think that it's unfair but this is a way for you to know how well you have done so far. 
This is a way to police our attitude towards making QUALITY ROMANCE NOVELS IN FILIPINO. 
What you have done so far, and how you have acted towards others in this writing community will determine whether or not I will allow your work to see the light of day. I know I sound like a tyrannt but with talent comes a responsibility to make what you deliver the best. 
Our site is for free, but that doesn't make it any less a place where we must put our best work. 

We owe it to our readers, to ourselves and to GOD who gave you the imagination to make love come alive. 

Deadlines are never going to be moved again from today. 
If I give you a date. Mark it on your calendars. Because that is the day when your work gets FILED or ACCEPTED. 

When I say Filed it means it is no longer a priority and is akin to rejected (in the real world) If no piece of your work is found in my gmail. I don't care if you had a major catastrophy in your hometown, but no excuse NOT EVEN YOUR DEATH is allowed. Because if Ate ERIN's work can become an e-book post mortim, yours can be as well. I WILL ACCEPT NO MORE EXCUSES from today. And you only have yourself to blame.

The criteria will detemine these rankings

STARGAZER - (pioneer) - most well behaved writer (no delays and sanctions)
ROSE (regular writer) - safe level 
SUNFLOWER (newbie)

LILY (female reader)
DAFFODIL (male reader)

 anyway wala namang gils na katapat to (so far) but it would determine whether you are going to be able to make e-books and series

 STARGAZERS ARE LIKE AUTHORS and Pioneers (they need not be policed since their grammar is awesome and their truthfulness and loyalty is unshakable)

 ROSES are loyal and true but can become ATUMs any time as per determined by three strikes.

They would have to prove themselves to be Roses again otherwise they would not be able to make it to Stargazers.

Sunflower is the entry level gauze for new writers male or female as they are still going to need directions

Once they have passed at least five stories or have helped in two series (non-ebook) as well as shown unshakable loyalty and great skills in writing, then I would make them ROSES.

Once they have passed at least five stories or have helped in two series (non-ebook) as well as shown unshakable loyalty and great skills in writing, then I would make them ROSES.

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