Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Of Blogspot and Plagaziring

I have an issue with Blogspot. I feel scared that if I ever put any original content here, some troll or some talentless prick would take my poems, my story and my ideas and put it in a blog that he or she or it would pose as his own and brand it as his own.

It doesn't just make my blood boil. It chills me to the bones. It makes me sad for online writers in general.

I can understand if fans do this and post our stories in other interest forums. But it wouldn't hurt them to acknowledge the writer. They've already copied everything, couldn't they copy the NAME OF THE AUTHOR too?

But the sad thing is that the things that are popping up are the e-books that I've worked hard on. Sure he used the name of the person who wrote it, adding legitimacy to his supposed posting. But that thing was supposed to be EARNED by members and loyal readers. It was in loving memory of a dearly departed and awesome writer. It was our tribute to her talent. And that blogger/s shit all over it by posting her e-book on their page.

It is obvious that the page is profiting from the traffic that goes there. There are ads all over the place.

Please don't tell me that this is the internet and that everything is everyone else's. There is such a thing as intellectual property. There is such a thing as decency.

I believe that the tree that has the most fruits get stoned more often. But this is just a too much.

I don't care if people don't care that the writers did their best to write those novels. I don't care if my brain bleed trying to edit their grammar and their punctuations. (ubong tunong my writers need to work on these) We are trying to improve our work. We are not taking anything from you. At least not that I know of. And if we are then tell us and we would take it our and would apologize to you.

But you. There should be a circle of hell for people like you. At least thieves have the audacity to get caught and to pay the price for their transgressions.

You can troll us and we will block you. You can stalk us and we would pepper spray your mouths. But take our work and the effort that we put in them, you will have to answer to God...or my spells.

You have to remember, the original collaborator and idea man was Yahweh. How do you think those writers got those words together and put the bible together, magic? Pure human inspiration?

If anyone knows intellectual property and common courtesy policies it's HIM. So someone up there would have our backs if we just continue working diligently on our own work.

I am the EIC now. If I can't get you to understand reason, then I would like a candle at my altar for you. And believe me, you would not like the results.

So, YOU, yes you. Pull out our stories or I will never forgive you. Have some pride if not a conscience.

And to Blogspot. Police content. It's too bad that you don't because so many of your bloggers just want to raise their hands and choke unoriginal fucks like these. http://onlinepocketbook.blogspot.com/

All I need by Erin = e-book na kakarelease pa lang
I meant it when I said I do by C.Lily = another e-book

This is just the first. If I ever encounter this shit again. God help you because I won't.  If a TOPpers did this, not even the gods can aid you against my unbearable wrath. Hell hath no fury than the EIC scorned. 

Itaga mo yan sa bato.  

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