Wednesday, November 17, 2010


These are the titles that have been sent to me. I think I am missing others. If your novel was already sent to my email and you can't see it here, please feel free to e-mail them again.

Because it's possible that this happened:

1. A mail error message in your email saying you did not send it successfully.
2. A tsunami hit the offshore server that saves the data of your email provider.
3. Your internet connection was intermittent when you sent the email so I never got it.
4. You mailed it to a different pinaywriter e-mail.
5. You lied to me about when you were going to send the e-mail containing the story that you told me would be sent to me on a specific day thinking that I moved the deadline for ALL the novel when in fact it's only for a particular series and not all the stories you were supposed to send to me.
6. You think I am a nice person who has no care or understanding of the word DEADLINE.
7. You are ningas kugon who only knows how to start things but not finish them.
8. You are super busy with life changing things. (this I would allow) And you forgot to make time for hobbies like writing novels and reading them.
9. You were bluffing when you send you would send me your work and it turns out that you didn't really get anything done and want to ask for more time.
10. You are even lazier than I am.



The Foxy Bombshell by LAINe
Necessito Un Hombre

Finished Romance novels:

Behind His Hazel Eyes 1 (page 9 na ako dito)
Baby & Love
My Pretty Boy
My Beautiful Boyfriend (Diosza)
Defying Destiny (annajanelee)
You are my Sky, France (sweetlemon)
Kapag Tumibok ang Puso (shon)
KINSA (empsz)
my sweet stranger (marichu)

Family Ties (rosalyn)
Hanggang Kailan (honnie)

Finished Editing

All I NEED 1 (erin)

To all Romance novelists of the T.O.P. persuasion, please compile your links, send a message to empresz that you are done. Send me your CV and your finished work (in a document file - make sure that you have proofread your work na or else I would be returning a bloody red pdf file version of your work).

Please don't be lazy. We want to continue to make excellent ORIGINAL stories so please do your part. ^_^ If you need advice I am online daily from 5am to 2pm on my gmail. If you have a gmail account you can even chat with moi (if breaktime ko). I also linked my fb to my gmail so I can check the messages I get there. So there is not way for you not to get my help or any editors help. You just have to ask for it.

Thanks for your hard work.
Keep writing!~


*p.s. I will be using my break time at work to work on a different romance novel than the one that I am correcting at home. This way, I can make better time in editing. Then I can start with the ones that are on the site.  


  1. Girl, you mean you work for a publishing house? Ive been wanting to write a story, please teach me

  2. Sweetie I don't work for a publishing house. I work for a Korean online english company.

    Hindi kumikitang kabuhayan ito.Hobby ko lang to. ahahah pekeng EIC ako tagapulis ng mga late na contributors and writers.

    Dream namin to have our stuff published pero we have per donation or gils bought e-books. Most of the writers are good but need help with grammar and some formating. Napasubo ako (enjoy naman) to edit work so that the free site would have better formed chapters. Mejo nagkakaproblem lang kami minsan kasi me mga haters. ^_^ Naubos na nga ang affiliate namin na same interest eh.

    Mostly tagalog love stories kami pero me mga iba na ring genre pero hindi napopost sa WP namin sa forum lang. ^_^

  3. Pero meron nang iba na naging mga professional writers na talaga, like Yesha. ^_^

  4. Oooo! How fun! I'd love to have time to read other stories too, but I'm still procrastinating with mine ;-) If you've time, check mine out too ~ cheers!


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