Thursday, November 4, 2010

God hates Procrastinators

The cd where I burned the data was broken. After getting it re-burned the data was not the right one. The pictures that had similar names were invalid. *curses in French in her head* Then Singko (my HD) would not mount on the fracking xubuntu and so the fracking data would not show up on the fracking HD and thus can't be used to transfer to Eros (my laptop).

So instead of just burning the data I would now have to go to Mcdo later to meet with Norby (Yo,Bo! artist slash publisher) later and download the data via MCDO wifi and fix it on the spot.

Oh and I have to burn or delete all the data in Singko or I may never see them again. T_T,

*Hates technology right now*

This always happens when I try to do things on the last minute. T_T Frack.

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  1. Hahaha last minute sometimes is the best. I always do that back in college, cramming. But I do hope your dilemma is fixed now :)


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