Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If you fall, get the H up!

I am writing this to say goodbye to my Dec 3 attendance incentive. I skinned both knees and I can't walk without wincing. I was 9 minutes late today. Incentive late at least. I promised not to be late again but I broke that promise. The good thing is that I didn't miss any classes. ^_^

I got to the bus stop two minutes too late. I had to wait for the next one. So by the time it arrived, by my daily schedule I should already be at Megamall and walking comfortably to Pearl Drive. Unfortunately, that was not all that happened. I missed the earlier bus, got on a bus that DESPITE BEING TOO FULL, kept stopping at every stop that it could possibly stop at and kept picking up passengers although there is no space to stand or sit on their magically expanding bus. Then when I was getting ready to walk extremely fast to work (by that time I was five minutes away from being incentive late so my goal was just to get to work before my first class) I SLIPPED AND FELL. I fell knees first into WATER! No, I didn't get drenched but it was COLD! My knees were skinned. Thank God I wore black slacks and not jeans or my knees would be dirty, skinned and wet. I settle for skinned and wet, thank you very much. I had no time to wince and cry (since I really don't do the latter when I get physically hurt) so I stood up and cursed. I cursed in Korean, Spanish, French, Filipino, and English. If I hadn't done that I would probably faint since I was hungry, in pain, and dizzy. Being in shock can be useful sometimes.

I got to work 6 minutes before the actual time. I dove into my classes like it was normal day. But of course, there was no first aid kit to speak off in this place and the alcohol was nonexistent in the usually full hand sanitizer corner. When I sprayed what was left on my skinned knees I screamed at the initial pain. I am sure the bacteria felt the same way. That is my only consolation.

I guess this is just my klutzy self coming back in full gear. But I would rather have skinned knees than a broken heart. And over the weekend, I realized that I no longer have a broken heart. And that I can be nice to him without feeling guilty.

As my little brother and I exchanged stories of how our lives where while we were apart, I knew that some things never change. But when there is change that is good, we have to welcome it and not be afraid.

So we fell in love and broke our hearts once, but we can put things right by manning up. And no one can blackmail us into being good to them. Because although some things are left in the dark, there is a place and time to reveal it. And if you are a good friend, you would shove your friend forward to say it rather than keep it to yourself and use it as a means to get their approval. I think arrogant pricks like that don't deserve true friendship. And homophobic morons should never ever go to UP to study, least of all UPLB. Because, whether you like it or not, Gays ROCK.

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