Monday, November 8, 2010

Smiling eyes and LOLs

I looked at the mirror and realized that my hair has grown a bit longer. I smiled and realized that my eyes were smiling too. Isn't that just nice?

Arigato, Ne Sarang.

I realized that I haven't laughed out loud until last Saturday when some friends from T.O.P. started the whole ManRae Loveteam over an I Dare You thing. Rae-kun was putting some really sweet (uber actually) on the FB chatroom and I was bursting in giggles and loud uncontrollable laughter. I must admit it's been a while. Seriously. I don't remember having no control over my laughter. In fact, I had to smile and laugh forcefully for the past few months, even years.

I didn't realize until today that I haven't smiled in the mirror genuinely until this morning in the office loo.

And it's not just because I am over someone or that I am beginning to like someone new, but it's because today the me that I had in my head matched the person that I saw in the mirror.

Sure, she was fatter and had more pimple marks than the old me, but the Spunky that I believe myself to be is slowly resurfacing.

And with it, a possibility for a new and hopefully, final great love. ^_^


  1. wow! love is in the air! congrats sis!

  2. Is this the guy who is the reason why you want to grow your hair long? hihihihi

  3. Hindi naman crush lang. But @chica: sorta ahahhaah ^^ pero shempre hindi nya alam un ahahaaha slight lang


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