Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Manic Monday and M's Demise

I was playing Frontierville while editing a T.O.P. novel when I caught a gay friend who was working in Jeddah online. Let's call him Will. Will was the person who got me to reconnect with my ex-boyfriend. Let's call my ex, Max. Anyway, Will was thinking I was going to get back together with Max so he was doing the whole "keep your enemies closer thing with me" which was unnecessary because eventually, both of us gave Max up. So with Max out of the picture I am hoping I will have a new gay friends. Honestly, I prefer their honesty and in your face attitude over straight guys who lie to you because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Okay, I degress. Going back to the story.

Will has been "chummy" with a new guy. Let's call him, Marlon. So Marlon has a sister in Abu Dhabi. Let's call her Magda.

Magda worked for an abusive boss. Let's just say he tried to have a taste of something he was not supposed to and she fought him off. I think. Let's just say his pleasure rod would be black and blue for a while. Then being the prick that he is, he told the local police that Magda was a thief. Let's just say that her status in that country was less than legal so they just hushed it up and deported her.



The fun part starts here. They didn't give her any money to go home to her province. Wonderful, right? Fracking politicians, where are your pompuss ass promises now? Is this a sign that to the President, OFWs are really not a biggie?

Will told me about Magda's plight. They didn't know how to contact her and where she was at that time. So they asked me to call her. Luckily she was a Globe user. I had 300 pesos to my name. I asked my mom to send me load but it came after all the drama was done.

But still, thanks mom. I'll pay you during the weekend, promise.

I thought it was all a joke until she replied and told me where she was. I was hoping she was still in the city so I could sneak her in my apartment. Since my roommate doesn't seem to want to tell me if she is EVER moving in or not, then might as well right? But I had neither a futton nor food to accomodate anyone. But like my parents taught me, if you can help, help, God will provide.

So, since she was way over there all I could do was help them get her information, full name and address and the fact that she had IDs with her so that they could send her some money and she could claim it. Will had told me that some deportees have nothing but papers at times. So I was really worried. Magda told me that she had 15 pesos to her person. I later send her 30 load so she would be able to UNLICALL and call some relatives. THANK YOU GLOBE FOR YOUR USEFUL PROMOS. Anyway, all this time I was thinking, I never thought being a PEBA OFW supporter would feel like this. ^_^; It was unnerving. So this was what my mom felt whenever something nasty happens to her OFW friends. And Magda was a stranger.

She somehow got to Bacoor.  And she was staying somewhere that was asking her to pay rent. Seriously whoever brought her there and told her that she needed to pay on top of everything that happened to her is a dick. I wish I found out sooner. I wish my Bacoor friends lived there at this time or had their own places but they don't. So all I could tell Magda was to sit tight, wait for the money that would arrive on Wednesday and hope that she doesn't go nuts over hunger and depression.

But PINAYs are made of tougher things. You can never bring us down even when you kick us out of your so called rich countries.

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