Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Talking to the Boss

I "chatted" with the Head huncho of my new company. It was a"getting to know" kinda of thing. I had one with MissJ already. I am not used to it so I was a little nervous but thanks to my Speech Comm teachers and my years as a member of the Icebag family, I could smile and talk calmly while screaming something else in my head like " BY THE WAY THIS IS AWKWARD, NOH?"

I had a "meeting" with Miss K as well. I got some feedback on what I should improve on. It actually helped me a lot. I am still trying to do what she told me to do all the time. Keep it friendly but professional. Like I should ask Why? or talk about my life. So the motto is, MAKE YOUR STUDENT TALK.

With Madam Head Huncho I was a little worried coz I thought they were going to tell me whether I was going to stay here or not. But it turns out the evaluation would be around November 22. So I might still get my pay if they decide to kick me out. I haven't been that confident of my attendance performance and  I did miss a couple of classes.  I used what I learned in Speech Comm and reversed my negative traits into seemingly positive ones. It is true that I would not be absent UNLESS it was a matter of me not being able to move anymore and that I hate being late because I follow a routine. So it wasn't lying, I was merely emphasizing the truth.

I hope things work out since I am not the kind of person who likes change. Things are starting to look up. I just need to clean my/our room and I would have a roommate soon. IT would be AWESOME to sign a regularization contract, No mu kamsamnida! (very much thank you)


  1. Hehehe you can do it. just pray... :) Ikaw pa, kaya mo yan.. :)

  2. Hi Nin! I kept on on wondrin' why it took you 5weeks to post another article. Stupid me i forgot uve messed up ur old site and it still figures in my sidebar like wallowing in drought. Now i gotcha hehe...

  3. @chica: I hope I get regularized here. Kahit ano pa I like my set up here. ^_^

    @NFB: Hindi ka mashado nagtaka ahaha. Kasi naman noh, how can you even think I would be able to shut up for that long. 30 seconds nga lang nahihirapan na ako eh. 5 weeks pa. ^_^


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