Friday, November 26, 2010


 I suddenly miss making videos. I don't have time lately. I still need to fix my laptop's memory and burn things that I don't use on a daily basis. Promise talaga I would buy dvds on my next pay.

I actually bought a blouse and a bling-bling for this event. I plan to wear the black pants Reina gave me (despite it being old na) and so I still need girly shoes and a belt that would hold my gut. ^_^ My tummy is still protruding but I'll just inhale half of the time and exhale when no one is looking. Because at the rate I am not eating rice, there wouldn't be enough time for me to flatten it. That and the fact that I am not exercising. I plan to tell my mom everything that would happen. It's a little hard to take them all to the event so it would just be me and my friend Helene who doesn't have work at that time. She's had experiences with regards to being abroad and living there as a child of an OFW. We are still unsure whether she would become a full-blown OFW or not but that is all in the future. If I could I would drag my friends to the event, all Makati-based ones that can make it, at least. But I can't. I was hoping that Reina would be home but she couldn't make it here for a few reasons. It would have been awesome to have both of us in one PEBA event since she is the reason I know about PEBA in the first place.

I feel a little torn lately since my boss told us that we have to work on the 24th of December. My parents had planned to go to Isabela (for the first time in many years) to celebrate Christmas there. The trip would take 13 hours by bus and I refuse to spend Christmas on a bus like I did last year. So I might not go with them. This would be the first Christmas EVER in my 25 years that I would not have to eat my mom's pasta pa-cham and whatever it is that would be our Noche Buena.

But I guess I could stay since my nephews would be all alone during Christmas. I could take them out and we could have fun. That is the least I could do for my ninong Dante who can't be here to be their Santa (although they already know that Santa is their dad). But I wonder if my my parents can take good pictures of my sister's trip (first time as a walking and talking child) to Isabela. They really suck at taking pictures, you see. And it would be a shame if she couldn't get a chance to have good pictures of her trip.

I will have to decide between what I need to do to provide money for my debts or to make memories with my family. But in case I don't go to Isabela, there is always a next time. But I wonder, what if my next boyfriend is there. *laughs* As if. I don't even know how to speak Ilocano. *yes I am slightly ashamed of that but my dad never uses it so what am I supposed to do?* Probably because one time a lady thought I was a boy and was talking to my crazy mother (who understood a bit of Ilocano) and she was actually telling me (who was only saying yes in Ilocano) that I would be perfect for her DAUGHTER. my language acquiring brain (I sometimes understand words for some reason and get to read body language well) made me realize what she was saying so I said that I was a girl (despite the elephant pants and large FUBU shirt). The clinger? The lady's son drove by on a scooter. *facepalm* Did I mention I was around fifteen and was tall for my age so she thought I was a college student. *two handed facepalm*

Anyway, I am ranting again. So back to the Gala event. I hope my pimples let up and that I would respond well to cosmetics though I don't plan to put on a lot. I hope I can get a good camera and use it. *or win one if there is even a chance of that*

Still I know that come rain or high water, I will go to Greenhills. *Did I mention it's my first time there?* So PEBA is popping one of my cherries. ^_^ Oh wait, this is my first nomination and my first blog awards night. What do you know, it's three firsts. Three cherries in one pop, way to go PEBA! ^_^

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