Thursday, November 11, 2010

Third times the charm - Yo,Bo!

Please check out the latest issue of Yo,Bo! Komiks Issue #3 Frienemies.

I went through all sorts of emotions making this one. Laziness, panic, sleepiness, anguish, frustration, murderous, pissed and eventually relieved.

Still. I believe that I should finish what I started and that N needs to learn photoshop.

I compromised that I would do the lay-outing but I am no longer going to do that balloons (we did something new on this issue so we definitely need your feedback so leave a message on the link for issue #3) and he mentioned asking for help from a really awesome kapwa komikero Omeng regarding the lettering.

I think Omeng was the one who did Gutom for Ela and it turned even better than the latter expected.

Still I believe that if Ela learned photoshop thoroughly, like in a class or in an actual course, he would blow our minds. I just can't keep up with what he has in his head. I am a comics newb. ^_^ I've read mangas and comics for research but sometimes it's not enough if you don't have the drawings in your head. And he does. He knows what he wants. I am way to lazy to realize it. We are missing our fire starter but that is not really the case.

It's just because I don't play well with others (I always lead groups or let another person whom I respect lead group projects simply because I prefer to get my way all the time.) See how that is not a good thing in a collaboration.

It requires patience from both sides. I don't have any. I am a firecracker. Good thing I absolutely love his girlfriend. Mirna is an angel. If she can support him in a lot of things, I can do this much, right?

See you at the KOMIKON 2010!~

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