Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rejection and the Facebooker

I never liked getting rejected. But I admit that I have been heartless a lot of times. I have rejected friends, not because of what they did to me. I think I can forgive that. But I tend to reject or discard people who hurt my friends or people who are special to me.

The worst kind of person that I have ever dealt with was the kind who would smile in front of another person but stab them in the back by talking crap about them to other people. I don't really care if that person deserves it. But I know I am guilty of doing this a lot of times too. I guess I am just evil like that. Still I absolutely hate it when the person doesn't deserve that kind of behavior and the person to betray them is a friend.

I think it springs from self-preservation that I want to tell those people off and just shove their face on something earthy and wet.

But you know the worst kind of person?

The Facebooker.

It's a person who lashes at you randomly or precisely by leaving comments or trolling your social site. They are either a former friend, wronged lover, or stalker who you've rejected or pushed out of your life because you want to have some peace and quiet. They are often right on the money and you just want to flag all the things that they put on your profile but you either don't know how to do that or you don't give a damn.

Still, click flag (next to like) or click Block this person (I think it's on the main profile page of that person lower right part. (But facebook is changing so much that I don't really know now.)

I just pity people who lash at their exes on their page. Non-exes are even worse. I can understand why a certain person would attack me and tell me off. But when they do it to a friend, regardless of the fact that the other person was an ex, it ticks me off. I want to tell them to get a life and just let the other person make his mistakes. Often I just end up telling them both off.

I think I need to learn how to accept that people who are insecure or inlove tend to say really mean things when they are envious or jealous. I am actually thinking that I have matured significantly since college. Now I can let things slide. I was an amazon once, I think I realized that the best way to reject people is to not get provoked.

Of course that would just be for special cases. I will still be my old self. I wouldn't call people who are my friend names unless the shoe fits. I would also not tell the world about their flaws with an aim to discredit them.

I think people who do that are pathetic.

I am glad that the people I loved before are still my friends. And that I have no more baggages to carry. I have absolutely no plans to carry any other person's. Thank you very much.

I know that some people would misunderstand my friendship with certain people but I don't give a rat's a*$. Because you know what, the old awesome me is still here and I never reject TRUE friends.

So as for you, you might not know who you are, but...strike two ka na. I know you know I played softball and he played baseball. Once a baller, always a baller. Don't let me strike you out completely. You might not like it.


  1. aw, death threat ba to? :D

  2. Hindi naman bossing. Kasi if it was I would need a lawyer. And who'd check the stories then?


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