Saturday, October 30, 2010

Light a candle for me

I was in a bind. I didn't know if I would be able to go home to visit my dead relatives and friends this weekend. But it's a good thing my mom's g-cash pushed through. I am in a computer shop near my house and I am going to the cemetery on the first of November.

I will light candles and offer prayers to my relatives, some I knew, others I never got to meet. I would go to my old softball coach's grave and light a candle for him too. I would thank him for the many things that he taught me and walk away, to come back next year.

I figured I only come once a year. I hoped that I could bring flowers next year. But I never get around to doing that. Oh well. I could bring a candle every year and he would smile down on me anyways.

I am sure my uncles would be wondering how their kids are and I can tell them about how great they are doing and that they are in good hands. I would tell them that one of them even inspired me to write for PEBA. ^_^ Or both of them did since both were left at home while their wives were away. They didn't cheat, or let their kids down. But then God saw fit that their stay was enough and asked them to come home earlier than we had hoped.

I am sure they would be here to support their brother who lost by two points during the last election. And they would congratulate Kuya Taweng for wining third as a barangay councilor.

Oh well. I'll tell them when I see them again when I join them. Hopefully in heaven.


  1. Hi girl, I think everybody's dream is to be with our faithfully departed. I am also hoping to see my Papa, and my grandparents in Heaven. I know they are in better place.

  2. I don't have any plans to die yet though. Maybe in like 50 to 70 more years. I am just 25. I want to have kids and another great love, the lifetime kind. ^_^ Then grandkids then great grandkids. ahahah So not yet. ^_^


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