Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My life is a big cluttered room and pennies

Sometimes we get caught up with deadlines, with things that we need to do that we forget that there are things that needs to be done that are being pushed aside.
In my case, it always is de-cluttering. It's always cleaning my room, doing the laundry and organizing my things.

My room is half done and I would have a roommate soon. I hope she moves soon or I might have to look for a new one soon. T_T,

I really need to do that but I am thinking that I would do it on Friday since I would be going home for Nov. 1. The odd thing is that I am running low on cash all the time these days that I laughed when I remembered that I was warned by my horoscope that in September I would have a big financial boo-boo. And I did. I wasted 8k on a new place.

I promise myself not to get "friended" into changing places again. It's better to just live with a few people and not a whole bunch that I don't particularly mesh with.

I think I am too busy with things that are not helping me earn money. So after Komikon, I would do my best to write again (for money).

The world is even sending me signs. A man gave me a part-time flyer while we were on the elevator. But I have always been reluctant to give up my free time and work two jobs where I can't control my time. I don't want to work too hard. T_T I know that sounds wrong and I know that is why I can't afford a lot of things now. But I want a simple life. Still I want to save some money and finish paying off my debt to my mom.

There is no big 13th month pay waiting for me. There is an evaluation waiting for me this November actually. I would have rendered three months by mid-November. I hope that they would regularize me so that I can breathe easily. I really don't like to wait for stability. It's bad enough that the people who convinced me to work here left even before they could tender two months of work. I don't blame them since they need to earn more. I want to do the same but I don't really want to be in a company that is unsure or unstable. From how I see it, those that pay a lot in my industry tend to fold easily. T_T

I am looking forward to the PEBA 2010 awards event and I hope that I have something to wear by then. I know that I can't do much about my pimples and my figure but I just hope I would have a camera for the event. T_T I wonder who I can borrow one from. I want to ask either Trina or Helene to come along. But I would need to check with their schedule. I am thinking I should invite my parents but that would require more than three seats since I am sure my little sister and cousins would come along. And I don't want to raise my mom's hopes too high about me winning or anything. T_T I would just keep her in the know if anything good happens. ^_^

I need to make more money. But I don't want to fuss over it. I don't want to work on something that someone else can do on their own. I am getting sick of collaborative work. But once I start something, it seems like a waste to let it go. I have to stop bitting more than I can chew. I need to make sure I don't choke idiots who are delaying other people's work because I am a procrastinator myself.

I need hugs and kisses, and friends don't count. T_T

What's taking my new boyfriend so long? Ugh. ^_^

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