Monday, October 18, 2010

Why I love my family during the weekends

We don't have complete family pictures. Seriously. We used to have one when I was in elementary but all the family picture activities took all our pictures.
I had to ask a waiter at the restaurant to take this so I could FINALLY be in the picture with everyone else. You see, I am the designated camerawoman in our family. It's not unusual to see me with cam corders and point and shoot cameras hanging around my neck during family events. The total number of pictures I usually get is 10. Sometimes I have to do a self-shot, which I am very BAD at for some reason, just so I can get my mug in.

I was prompted to get a real family picture (read as studio shot) but I knew my younger brother (blue green shirt) wouldn't go for it. As much as we are camwhores, my dad and Gm are not big fans of pics. (Ergo my dad has an odd smirk on his face)

I told my mom, "Don't close your eyes!", which is her habit when getting her picture take. ^_^ My little sister was allowed to wear her tiger ears because she's the bunso.

I went home amidst a Saturday that seemed to be jam-packed with "places to go and people to see". My plurkmate and former EPH co-writer Weng was in LUZON for the first time this year. Unfortunately, this picture would not exist had I chosen to go to her dad's place to meet her. I needed this picture for PEBA and for the future as well.
My friends and I was supposed to meet up for someone's photoshoot. But because of Typhoon Juan, the photoshoot is going to have to wait. She told me that the photos are not due this month. *whew*
Because I had to stay home I didn't get to do a single yo,bo! page. T_T But I did get my clothes washed. So that would free up my afternoon and my weekend. I am still unsure if we have work on the "Undas" but I have to finish before that.
So this week na talaga ang deadline.

I went to my cousin's district meet. (these are the cousins I mentioned in my PEBA entry) I brought a camera and took pictures of Cid doing several athletics events. I found out that he had one day of practice and was flat footed. If it wouldn't cause my mother embarrassment and the wrath of the elders on me, I would have whacked my uncle for making him the contestant. The feeling of loosing when you already know you are unprepared and the obvious newbie can be traumatizing. Besides, my cousin wanted to play volleyball but gets sick during training so my mom told him to stop. The older one, Chad, played volleyball. The school won the championship in both the girl's division as well as the guy's division. 

I hope that they would do great next time. I have to go to the City Meet to watch them. ^_^ I know that Tito Dante would have been there had he not passed on. And even so, I am sure he'll be there to cheer Chad on.


My cold got better while I was in Batangas. I don't know if it was being at home or having the right kind of atmosphere that did the trick but I was a-okay by the end of the weekend. I realized that I have been neglecting more than my financial responsibilities. I have forgotten that my parents are used to having us around. So times like this are worthy of pictures. 

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