Friday, October 1, 2010

Death for her service

Hustisya, hiling ng mga nurses para sa gang rape victim

It wasn't a long time ago when my friend told me about her experience volunteering for a family as a requirement for a subject in her Nursing course. It was replaying in my head how the family that sponsored them seemed offended when they didn't eat with them or bathe where they did. She also mentioned that they could barely sleep because the father went home drunk so they took turns sleeping. But as I read the fate of this nurse, I shuddered at how minute their complaints have been over what she had endured. And when she awakens, nothing will ever be the same for her. I almost got mugged once and that makes me extra vigilant. What more if you had to live through that kind of ordeal. 

 Men who have no shame do this. Men who have no souls do this to a woman who had done nothing to make them do unthinkable things to her. God had the mercy to let her life. But to be what? To be the flag-bearer of justice for women and rape victims alike. What of Nicole, that women who caused a ruckuss but buckled against her American dream? Would she be like that girl? Perhaps not. When or if she comes out of her condition, she would be scared for life. She would not look at men, nay, at people and herself the same way. She would be damaged. 

But sometimes, wounds heal. It would take a miracle and all the love in the world for her to be well again. It would take steel faith and unfaltering, unconditional love. And it would take a wondrous man to get her to trust in their sex once again. He would have to be a gentle, loving and patient man. I wish her a speedy recovery if that is altogether possible. 

And I pray, if only I could, that an avenging angel or a brave heart would smite those who did this to her or at the very least point the police in the right direction. For their shame and incarceration would not be enough. It would be their lives, the ones they do not have a care for at the very least, that is needed to repay the life that she would never have, the one of unconditional trust in the good that is in every man. 

There is a circle of hell waiting for them. I pray it starts on this earth.


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