Monday, October 18, 2010

Wala sa sapatos yan

I accidentally took a shot of my cousins' shoes. I realized they were using hand-me-downs. This was something that my uncle would not have wanted had he been around. One, he loved them so much. Two, he would have never let them play sports in sneakers or the wrong kind of sport shoes for the sport they are playing.

I wish I had more money to give them more sports stuff. The talent is there, but the equipment, is lacking.
I didn't think this would happen. Their mom is in another country. She is supposed to be sending money for their education. They are already in public school. That means, if she was sending enough there should be extra money for shoes. For heaven's sake. My cousin was playing in shoes that I used to wear for training! Those shoes should be retired already. *must.not.get.mad.*

I know how hard overseas Filipino workers work to provide for their families. And it seems ungrateful for me to say this. I may be stepping over tactfulness when I say this but sometimes I just hope she stayed and saw what her kids have to go through.

But the saddest thing is I can only be there to take pictures. My mom can only fuss about how dirty their jerseys are the night before. But they need to be provided for. I just hope SHE remembers that rather than cavort with married men. Umiinit ang ulo ko. Gesh.

But you know what, those blue shoes, they were taken off so the kid could run (flat footed pa un ha) and jump a distance of 2 meters, jump over a pole, and participate in a third athletic event. (He had one day of practice so that is a lot already)

Those black shoes stepped up when the main player for the volleyball team was injured. They helped win a championship.

So I know the talent is there. But it wouldn't hurt if they wore better apparel while playing. The ankle support would help a lot if not the moral support they would represent.



Confused with what I am talking about, they are the boys I am talking about on my PEBA 2010 entry.

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