Friday, October 8, 2010

For Pink Warriors and Survivors

My mother's mother died of breast cancer. My mom survived breast cancer. I have to be vigilant against getting breast cancer. I have a sister who is too young to know what breast cancer means.

The women in my family were victims, survivors and advocates. Everyday since that day my mom went home from the hospital I knew something changed in her. She became stronger, more loving and she was like a super heroine to me. I couldn't understand why she loved pineapple juice so much. But when I got older, I realized that was one of the things she changed about her life after she survived breast cancer. That one can of Del Monte Pineapple juice was a simple step for her to protect us from what she went through when she lost her mother to the same disease that she survived.

She still has benign cysts in her breast. She has them checked every year. At least almost every year. When we (my brothers and I) where all in college she didn't have money to get herself checked out. I knew that I felt guilty then. But I couldn't do anything but study and graduate. I don't earn a lot now but I try to make sure she doesn't have to worry about me all that much. At least I try.

My mother taught me that simple dreams are important, simple deeds are important. So this is my simple pledge to help girls like me be PINK WARRIORS too.

I would probably buy my mom flowers or something pink as soon as I get my next paycheck. ^_^ If your mom survived breast cancer or you know someone who did, give them something to remind themselves that you love them and that they are fabulous.

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