Monday, October 4, 2010

BigB Series Covers

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BigB1 - Youngbae's Song
Jaime <3 Yongbae

Jaime had one dream , to be a GY talent and a famous Korean idol. There was only one problem, she was neither a singer nor was she 100% Korean. Her only chance to stay in Korea was to be an English teacher to a bunch of misfits in a highschool in a farflung South Korean town.

Yong-Bae was living the dream, he was GY talent and a famous Korean idol. There was only one problem, he had mandatory military training and was assigned to go a remote town and help build a school. He meets the quirky Jaime while he stays there and finds that love can be found in the strangest places.   

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  1. member ka rin pala sa TOP.. hehehe.. paano bang ma-feature ang novel mo na may matching cover page like that?

  2. Kapag kasi for e-book ang story ng isang writer ginagawan nila ng cover. Pero lahat ng story pwedeng gawan ng cover. Kailangan lang sundin ung official na mga requirements.

    Wala lang tong cover na to gawa gawa ko lang yan. Aayusin ko pa para maayos.

    Yeah, member ako ng TOP, kaw ba? ^_^


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