Sunday, October 3, 2010


I lied a lot about myself when I was younger. I lied about how much money my parents made and I lied about things that I had. I lied to my friends most of all because they were richer and prettier than I was. It got to the point that I lied to my parents, stole from them and made myself sick because of the lies that I had to keep together.

I became so good at lying to myself and to others that there was a time that I believed my own lies. I managed to be so good at lying that I convinced myself that the lies were the truth and that when the truth was too painful, that I could twist it so that I could be whoever I wanted to be and not be the loser that I though I was.

But the truth was, I wasn't a loser. I was becoming one by being a liar.
So I stopped. I promised myself I would not keep secrets from my friends. And I demanded that from them. That was the day I stopped keeping secrets, mine or others. Before that I was the secretkeeper. That day I became a blurter. I couldn't keep the truth in, my emotions, other people's secrets and my observations. I cloaked it by calling myself frank and truthful.

But not everyone wants the truth about themselves to be revealed.
But there are those who would safeguard people they love, institutions that they belong to from people who would bend the truth and betray their friends.

Because lying about who you are, and believing your lies is just pathetic. We would love you for the lyin, bitchy and disloyal person that you are if you would just let us.

Do not insult your friends by thinking that we would turn against you when the time comes. You can be the loneliest and ugliest person in the world and we would still love you.

Just say you're sorry and mean it this time. Tell us the truth from today and we would learn to trust you once again.

Otherwise we would not believe a single word from you and you continue to hurt us by lying to us.

I am not your friend yet. I am glad that I am not. Because I would not let you survive had it happened under my watch.
It is a different era in our group now. There would be no fantasies made unless they are in a story. There would be no more pushing or shoving or ganging up on arrogant pricks that are among us.

There would be interventions and there would be RESPECT.

You can start by respecting yourself and coming clean. Stop lying and let us get to know the real you.
Who knows, that might be the end of your loneliness at last.

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