Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tumblr and Clutter

I love this  blog. I know it's the only thing that won't get blocked (eventually). But because *for some reason* the T.O.P. domain site was blocked, I decided to go to my tumblr account and place some of my Pinaywriter quotes there.

Follow me. If you wanna. ^_^

I know the IT guy is just doing his job. BUT that doesn't make me rant and rave any less. WHY DID HE BLOCK the T.O.P. site it's not facebook damn it. It used fishbook as a theme but..argh!~ I need more points!!!~ Oh well. I will have to bring Eros everyday to use in MEGA, I guess. Ehehhe. Wifi stealing biatch.

The upside is that I was able to figure out how to count renewals. Gone were the days of the student count and simple renewal rules. And did I mention the high incentive rate? ^_^ Nah. That passed and I do not have a dime to show for it. T_T

I really need to get a roommate. I am going to owe my mom more if I don't.
So I guess I would really need to take my laundry out, give away some of the things in my possession that I do not want to keep, and make some space in my tiny ass room.

I need to let go of things. Otherwise, my life will continue to be one of cluttered useless things. If I can get rid of unnecessary feelings, I should do the same with things...right?


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