Friday, October 15, 2010

OMFH's Virus

I want to plaster this all over our office. No, scratch that, I want to make this every computer's wallpaper. T_T

I feel like I am regressing to kindergarden because I am surrounded by folks who are like that Child Zero in school. This kid is the one who take all the odd and extremely contageous things from outside the school INTO the lives of the students in it. She's the one with stuff in her hair and who sneezes at, not away from but AT, her classmates, their things and just in the air for all the germs to be spread to whoever was dumb enough to BREATHE near her.

I was CHILD Z when I was in school.(This is not the official name, I really don't know so I made it up) Child Z is that kid who rarely gets sick due to genetic mutation (kidding) and her mom's breast milk. Basically, Child Z is the kid who almost never gets sick. But when he/she does, then he/she gets the most resistant version of that bug. It doesn't take days for Child Z to get sick. It takes him/her weeks to recover. In my case, it takes me a month to recover from a cough.

I have long DESTROYED my Child Z-ness because I smoke(d) a lot. I have various lifestyle choices that caused my demotion in the "germ-resistant" ladder. I am not an ADULT X. This is a person in a polluted environment who is always the last person to get sick. But when he or she get sick it takes days of suffering and strong antibiotics to clear his or her system of whatever germs and viruses had been passed on to him or her via use of keyboards, doorknobs, and common bathrooms.

It doesn't help if you have people working with you who cough like mad but don't cover their mouth. Our office space is tiny. Everything is shared, the bathroom, the pantry and the locker room area. But in the weeks that I have seen her sick, she has not put one single drop of alcohol on her hand. Not one. I was sick yesterday and was scrambling for my secret alcohol stash. But I could find it. I have become a slob when it comes to my health since I am sponge. I usually act the same way other people act. But what baffles me is how this person can even smile at me when I tease her that she contaminated all of us.

I am not sure she is Child Zero around here. But I am pretty sure she is MY Child I, for infection. T_T I have dubbed her (as per another plurker's suggestion) as OMFH. Yes, she is. She is a good person. She doesn't bother me all that much. But her work ethics, her grammar and her hygiene makes her so.

I just need to drink more kalamansi juice, I guess. And to buy a big bottle of alcohol. I might just need to give her some. Maybe then she can take a hint. T_T

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