Friday, October 8, 2010

Perez sa inyong Balota

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My cousin is running for barangay councilor this coming barangay elections. I remember that my grandfather was the barangay secretary or was that treasurer for a while. There would always be discussions about what the "pangulo" or barangay chairman should do or shouldn't do. Politics is not just a mere past time for Batangueños, it's a way of life. 
I am a little glad that someone in the family is actually stepping up and starting to help out. I just hope power won't corrupt him. He is a pretty cool cousin actually. And I know he really likes kids so if people see him hugging children and some such thing, I know it's for real. He loves his nieces and nephew a lot and took  care of them a lot while they were growing up. So the love of family that he has I can vouch for it. He is a funny guy as well and gets along with a lot of people. There would be times he can be a little sharp towards people who have a different point of view. But he gets things done. I think he got the best of the attitudes of his parents.
I don't know how this would change his life or the people around him. I hope that the projects that he would have would be more rational than those of the ones before him. I know he would continue them even after the elections.
When he Perezes (my mom is a Perez) start helping our communities, we are not ningas-kugon. ^_^ But then again, most of the people in the barangay are friends or family friends so I guess we take care of our own very well.
I can't vote for him since I didn't get to register. (I still blame Comelec Batangas because of this) But I will pray for him. And I am sure, God will listen.

Keep up the good work, Kuya Taweng. 
We will support you all the way!

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