Friday, October 15, 2010

Thinking of making a blog signature

It started with seeing Angel's blog signature. I even helped her a bit by teaching her to to move the wings she wanted to use in her signature. It made sense to me since her name depicts an imagery. But for me, my name is not something I want to sign at the end of my blogs. But since using Pinaywriter as my pen name (of sorts) I wondered if i should at least make something that would be cute to see at the end of my blog.

I am considering having "mood" signatures.

I would have a swirly one for my regular posts.
I want one that looks "rough" for my rant blogs.
Then there would be something that has a feather pen at the end or a fountain pen at the end as if I wrote Pinaywriter by hand. Although my handwriting is abysmal.

I'll consider doing it during the weekend. I would work it into editing my comics. That is if I am not bed ridden. T_T,


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