Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I know you know the feeling

Have you ever had this nagging feeling that you are surrounded by idiots? Seriously this is new to me. I had always been surrounded by people who were way smarter than I am. It's nerve-wracking that I feel  like sometimes the people I work with are not...qualified. No, let me correct that. I know most of the people I work with now are qualified. There is just one person whose blatant disregard for pronunciation and grammar rules that makes me look down at everyone else.
Believe me, the people from my previous company were not perfect. I could hear the mispronounced words and grammar errors of my teams everyday while I was there. But there is a limit to the abuse my ears can take.

I keep thinking (in my evil arrogant head) "Why is this woman teaching English?" Why in Buddha's benevolent nirvana is this person TEACHING for a living? Her use of expressions were worse than most of my students. Her "corrections" are a poor excuse. I know we can't all be wonderful and awesome all the time, but is it really possible that she is good on paper but not good in spoken English? If that is the case, why are they paying her to teacher english over the phone?

I understand that somehow loyalty has bearing for some companies. I tried my best not to snarl or faint whenever I hear her have class. But the thing is, she talks louder than I do. And it's like nails being electronically punched into my brain whenever she makes mistakes.

I am not saying all her sentences are incorrect. But the mistakes she makes shouldn't be mistakes that you make on a daily basis. I am sure I mess up at times as well. But sick or not, she's abysmal.

I zone her out when she doesn't make mistakes. But when I hear grammar errors, alarms go off in my head. Why? Because it's part of my job. And even before that, it was part of my education and the CommArts culture. We do judge people based on their grammar skills. Being in a community of speakers and writers, we had to.

I like my spot. I can't move from her. It's the least cold place in the tiny ass floor area that we have. But sometimes I just want to choke her.


Pet Peeve #2

People who lie to me. Or at least friends who smile at me when I am around but try to underhandly leave me out of their lives.
I find out things in unconventional ways. People just have a way of "telling" me things without considering it is a bad idea to do so.
I found out he wanted to make a new account that someone else can control. I had given him an account. I had modified it as he wanted. And now he wants a new one. It's the lie of the friendster accounts all over again. I want to smash his head on the wall and see if he has brains in it. T_T Idiot. I thought he wanted his private life private. I thought he wanted to take control of his online persona. But I guess he doesn't know how to change passwords. I still added him since it's there. I still want to be friends with him. But he just pisses me off now that I no longer love him. I have no patience for men who apologize for the past and then try to push me out of their lives when I have already offered my forgiveness, my valuable friendship and a bit of concern.

He wants me to not know what is up with him. Fine. Then he should stop taking the reigns of the YM and just let me talk to the other guys. Because I am not hurt as an ex. I am hurt as a friend. No real friend of mine would keep having a new account from me. Unless he or she wants nothing to do with me, offline and online. C'est la vie. C'est la moi.

I need to just say this, for whatever reasons I found out, "You're a jerk. And I am glad I am over you. Have  a nice life."

Note to self: Avoid dating or falling in love with inconsiderate assholes.

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