Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Being An*l Can Bite You in the *Ss

I didn't realize that while I was pouring into my special class that I skipped my regular class. Damn that is going to suck and I am never going to hear the end of it. This month's criteria for judging *yeah I know very pageant-like of me to say* is the "pink" points that we would get from demerits and boo-boos. I had been running every morning not to get 1 points for coming in late and now this.


I think getting glasses made me dumber. I freaked out my nice new Korean manager too. But I think that it's just a jolt that you can never can tell *sorry I watched working girls last friday* when you will do something so amateurly stupid you wouldn't mind if your TL grabs your hair in frustration instead of hers. Under normal circumstances, she would not be able to use that hand or the fingers attached to it. But I let it go, it's her thing. Ahahaha.

Frack. But the fact that I was not on British English mode when that happened is a sign that I have lightened up lately. Crap.

Oh well. *goes to uptraining wearing helmet and armor*

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