Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To definitely be over you

I was checking the people who were celebrating their birthday as per Facebook's tracking system and I was shocked when I read "Andy Villanueva". I was shocked and I had to greet him as soon as I found out.

I was laughing outloud in my head and then I realized. Yesterday I had the worst argument that I have ever had with Ico (so far, I expect this to be a realistic relationship so things are not going to be perfect all the time) and I had finally decided that in whatever medium I do tell him it doesn't matter. Love is love.

I was tagging my templates all wrong this day. I thought it was 040411. So when I tracked down my teaching minutes I remembered that it was 040511 instead. I corrected things and I remembered thinking that it's two days from my younger brother Gm's birthday. And that his thesis being for binding is probably God's gift to him. Still I didn't remember that it was "Andy's birthday".

I read a comment from a common friend saying, "Advanced ha." I was thinking that it was for some other thing. My mind was so preoocupied with stories to write, recordings to listen to, Ico and me and OPIc that I forgot that it was his birthday. I had been mourning a broken relationship and pinning for him for so many years that it's incredible that I forgot about his birthday.

But once again, it's a sign. My heart has let go of you and slowly the memories, the details become bad sectors in my brain. And once I had a good long defragmentation, even the archives that I have of you would be gone.

Sure, you'll be part of the past. But your role in the grand scale of things is so minute that I have to rely on social networks to remind me that you born on a certain day. ^.^

It's weird. I remember JL's birthday clearly but that might be because it's also Harry Potter's birthday. ^.^ *giggle*

I'm sorry for forgetting.

Happy Birthday. I hope you get all your wishes this year.

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  1. Hahaha! So that's the sign of being over someone. I will put that in mind, it might happen to me. :))


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