Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Deleting Unnecessary EROS

I spent some time uncluttering my dear Eros and deleted some things that I don't read or use. I realized that 208 of my 286 memory is just videos. I was single when I got it so I had so little to entertain myself with. But when I deleted some data, pictures and stuff that I don't need, I freed 31 GB. That is it. I still need to get a 1TB to delete all of the videos. I plan to just keep the current series that I watch in the hard disk and my TOP write ups.

My life is like my laptop desktop. I put everything there and it slowed it down. I deleted and organized things because I needed to lessen the stress that it caused me to see all those icons on my screen. My computer memory had been in the red for months. T_T So when my friend wrote about how our life is like our bedroom, I realized that my life is like my Eros.

It's battered, it has a broken part (the dvd burner is broken because of all the koreanovelas that I watched 0.o) but I can still go on and do other things. If not, it makes me less distracted. I plan to buy a new laptop next year. But that is for another time and hopefully another OS. ^.^

I plan to clean up my room once I no longer have a roommate again. Literally. ^.^ My life will be uncluttered now since my Mond makes me feel like I need to become more of an adult.

I need to fix my HD but that can wait. ^.^ I need to stop downloading new stuff because if I do my freed space would increase the entertainment side of my disk space.

^.^ Life is not always going to give you lemons, sometimes it gives you hard drive crashes and viruses. It's up to you if you are brave enough to reformat or delete files that you don't use or are bad for you. Blocking some sites might help to. *wink*

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